Monday, 27 June 2016

Hean nail polish: City Fashion 166 (and a peek at the Neon collection)

I hope everyone else is enjoying this cold weather as much as I am. We got a new couch about 2 weeks ago and it's much bigger than the old one, so its nice to be able to properly snuggle up with a warm body next to you.
So sometimes a nail polish comes your way that just surprises you. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. This is one that surprised me in a good way. This is one (yes, one) coat of City Fashion 166. If you interested just click on the Glamore Cosmetics banner or the link to go directly to their shop.
I'm not a huge fan of nude polishes, but I do occasionally like wearing it. And this is already a favourite.
This is a bit of a busy mani. I think I tried too many things at the same time. But oh well. It was fun and apparently looks like a party under a UV light.
There is a mix of I love Hean 890, 891, 892 and 893 all from the Neon collection. On I middle finger I tried a needle drag, there's random dots and the stripes were a bit of a smoosh using the polishes. So it here it is looking like a party!
My colleagues thought it looked so cool under the UV light that they made me make it my WhatsApp profile pic.
What do you think? These neons are quite neon. And I love that they are UV light activated. It kinda makes them seem rather dull otherwise.
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  1. Party on your nails... perfect description! It makes me smile just looking at it, so you must have been wearing a grin the entire day :)

    1. Wish I could take credit for that... but someone else came up with that. It was fun wearing it, for some reason some mani's get more attention than others.


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