Monday, 30 July 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: flowers

With last year's challenge spring and flowers were right after each other, so I'm kinda glad that they got separated this year. Also my mani isn't very floral-ey, but it has flowers and that counts, right? Right? It's inspired by this look by @badgirlnails
So I started with two coats Hean I love Hean 900 on my thumb and ring finger. On my pinky I have two coats of I love Hean 898 and on my middle finger I have two coats of Hean Sugar 852. This is my only and favourite gold texture polish.
On my index finger I have a gradient with I love Hean 904 and City Fashion white. The flowers are decals from Aliexpress, since I don't have the freehand skills Sonia does! And can we just take a second and admire these decals? I mean look how great they look over a dark colour!
I should have made these matte but I only realised a couple of days after I should have done that. What do you think?

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: fandom

OMG I just realised I somehow managed to skip fandom!! Don't even ask how I managed that, it seems I blacked out whole week.

I had lofty goals for this mani. I wanted to do Skyrim inspired nails, but I was still waiting for my Skyrim inspired polishes when I did this. So I settled for my original idea. I was going to do a Howl's Moving Castle inspired mani.

I started with two coats of Hean I love Hean 870 on all my nails.
I didn't want white as a base, so I settled for the light gray. So each finger has a story. Let's start with my thumb and index.
I used feather vinyls from becauseishop on my miracle mat. Painted a coat of Ulta3 black satin and a thin coat of China Glaze let your twilight sparkle over that, removing the vinyl immediately. Once it was dry, placed it on my nail. This is to represent Howl as a bird. Obviously on my middle finger is Turnip Head himself! He was stamped from HeHe 61, his face was coloured in with Hean City Fashion white and the band on his top hat was coloured in with I love Hean 906.
On my ring finger I have Calcifer, fire demon. I used flame on vinyls also from becauseishop. And attempted a gradient, with yellow at the tip moving into orange and red. For this I used Hean City Fashion 178 and 171 and I love Hean 440. For Calcifer's eyes I used a dotting tool and my black and white polishes. Finally on my ring finger I stamped some gears, also from HeHe 61 with Mundo De Unas copper. This is to resemble the castle.

I am very pleased with how this turned out and someone recognised Calcifer!! Without being told what my inspiration is. What do you think? Did I do this justice? Do you see Calcifer?

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#52weeknailchallenge: cheapest polish

So I may have forgotten to schedule this post and that's why it's being posted on a Sunday. My bad!

The way that I see this prompt, is that you don't really have a choice like you did with most expensive polish, this is the polish that you paid the least for. Unless you you going to choose a polish you got from someone... Huh look at that, guess you do have a choice.

For my mani, I went with a OPI polish I only paid R20 for. That's less than $2. And for OPI that is cheap!!

I started with two coats of OPI dining al frisco (DAF) on my thumb and index, on the rest I have two coats of Hean I love Hean 870.
This is one of those mani's I cheated at. The animal print is decals I coloured in with DAF. My middle finger is what I originally had in mind when doing this mani, my ring finger is because the vinyl was a little small and I had to make a plan. I just used a nail art brush and free handed the line!!
When I bought DAF I thought the reason for it being so cheap was that it had leaked, because when I opened it, which wasn't easy, I had to clean out the neck and top. But it was still full. So yay!
What do you think? Oh and I think I should mention this mani was inspired by this one done by Michlle. 

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Friday Triad: Inspired by @eivi_nails

It's time for another Triad. Where each month Michelle, Joyce and I chose a mani for inspiration and we can either recreate it or be inspired by it. So this month was Joyce's turn and she chose this mani done by @eivi_nails. This seems like a bit of a palette cleanser, I mean sometimes you just need a quick and simple mani.

It was mentioned in our discussions that the super thin french won't be a factor, but I decided to do it anyway.... Even if it's only on one nail!! Let me show you what I did.

I started with two coats of essence prom-berry on my thumb and pinky. The rest is sporting two coats of tip top fairy dust.
On my ring finger I have the super thin french. I just used the prom-berry brush to paint it on. Obviously being very careful.
For the stamp I used Lina license to be sexy 1 and prom-berry. And that's that! I'm actually very impressed with this mani only having required two polishes!! I guess that's the intention, but normally I have three or more polishes that have to find their home after I've used them.
What do you think? I kinda like how this turned out and I wouldn't mind trying this in other colours. Don't forget to pop over to Joyce and Michelle and give them some liking and loving...

P.S. Did you see my ring? Do you like it?

And as always thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: unicorn

I was looking forward to this prompt especially since I got a unicorn stamping plate from my Secret Santa last year. And then when I sat down to do my mani.... I completely forgot about the plate!

Let me show you what I did...
As you can see I used a lot of polishes, so let's get to explaining!! On my ring finger I have two coats of essence let's take an elfie. The unicorn (not unicorn) is from Harunouta L045 and stamped with Nicole Diary black. I coloured it in with China Glaze let your twilight sparkle.
On the rest of my nails I started with a coat of Hean City Fashion white. I then randomly sponged on:
Blue - tip top blueberry pie
Green - tip top it's lime time
Orange - tip top peach soda
Purple - tip top broken soul
Yellow - essence love is in the air
Once that was dry I added a coat of tip top galaxy for some extra sparkle.
What do you think? I think it's sparkly enough... And enough colours were used. I think.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: unused plate

Yay for my second monochrome mani... And yes I know, this one has colour too!! This was inspired by @cassis_p. I've always been super inspired by her and I've wanted to do this one for ages. When I shared my inspiration with the group of nail polish enthusiasts I'm part of, they suggested I add some colour... So let me show you what I did. I will be showing you two different finishes, I was pressed for time and wasn't too sure if I would be able to finish in time doing the on with the striping tape...

I started with two coats of Ulta3 black satin on my thumb and pinky, the rest has two coats of Hean City Fashion white.
Here I used a piece of make up sponge and randomly dabbed on some black satin. I then stamped the bamboo image from Lina Summer 2 with Mundo de Unas green. And in case you were wondering, summer 2 was my unused plate.

On Cindy I actually taped off vertical lines and then sponged on black satin removing the tape as I was finished. And then stamped the bamboo image.
I do have a side by side comparison for you, okay not so much side by side, but close enough.
The difference is not super obvious, but it is there.... My colleague noticed it immediately! So for you zoomers out there, zoom!!
I love how this turned out. I'm glad I added the green to it. What do you think?

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