Want to have your nails done?

So you have seen what I can do and you may or may not like it... And maybe you want me to do your nails. I will gladly do it, but I have something to say first.

  • I am NOT a professional. I started this for the love of nail art and because I enjoy it.
  • I only do normal nail polish and I have recently started doing gel. Again refer to the first point.
  • I cannot guarantee that it will last. You can be fortunate and it can stay on for a couple of days or not. This is all dependent on body chemistry.
  • Lastly, I do this for fun, because I enjoy it. I do not need bullshit in my life.
If you feel that you can deal with that drop me an email and we can discuss. I do have a pricelist.

  • R60 for a plain mani with normal polish (this is colour and top coat only)
  • R80 for normal nail polish with art
  • R120 for gel polish
I have a limited amount of gel polish at the moment, but I am working towards expanding what I have.

Email: sarcasticbynature(at)gmail.com

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