Wednesday, 30 January 2019

#52weeknailchallenge: unicorn

Unicorn time!! This is another one of those love hate prompts. And possibly also one that's been done to death. So I went with something super easy. I recently got some new decals and these ones had a few unicorns. I also somewhat recently got Essence guardians of the unicorn, so what's more unicorn than decals and a polish that has it in the name.

I also have a swatch for you. This is two coats of guardians of the unicorn.
It's rather sheer and very finicky. You can actually see on my pinky where I capped it... Slightly annoying, but it is pretty. I then added the decals.
The unicorn's are galaxy-ish. 
There isn't much to say about this, since it was very easy.
What do you think?

Sunday, 27 January 2019

#52weeknailchallenge: unused polish

I really need to sit down and start sorting my blog. I'm ahead with the challenge, but behind with the blogging of it.

Let me show you what I did for unused polish, which I have a few of at the moment. I recently got some new pretties. I started with two coats of Fair Maiden polish come what may on my thumb, index finger and pinky. Come what may is actually an one coater! But my nails feel stronger with two coats. On my ring finger I have two coats of OPI Ds Pewter. I got Pewter from Michelle in a previous Secret Santa and have never used it before. I didn't know it was textured! I'll definitely be using it again!
On my middle finger I have two coats of Hean I love Hean 873. I then stamped an image from Lina opposites attract with come what may.
I just love how this came together! I originally did this to test how come what may stamps and its a winner for sure! What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 25 January 2019

Friday Triad: Inspired by Jema (@nailsbyjema)

So last night just after 10 feeling rather sleepy and telling myself it's almost time for bed... I decide to check my emails and there's this email from Joyce saying she forgot to remind us, but tomorrow our Triad post is due. And I was like "nah can't be, I still have time"... And here we are, with a hastily written post, quick watermarking of photos and a slow laptop.

My watermark is different as the app I always use have decided to remove the font I prefer, making it a paid perk. So new font it is! Anyway, let me get to the Triad part of this post. It was Michelle's turn to choose and she chose this mani by @nailsbyjema. This was one that I had saved as well for recreation at some stage. I just loved the whole negative/sheer look! Let me show you what I did.

I started with a coat of Hean City Fashion white on my thumb, index finger and pinky. On my middle and ring fingers I have two coats of a sheer black polish I mixed myself. I wasn't too sure about my colours yet, but I knew I didn't want to do the pink combo, although I did consider it.
The day before I did this I bought Essence kiss the freaky frog and I was drawn to it. Matched it with Essence play with my mint and I had a decent gradient. At my cuticle is kiss the freaky frog, play with mint and CF white. On the sheer black I stamped from Lina twirls and swirls 1 with Nicole Diary black.
I of course had to add OPI matte top coat. Being matte the stamping is a little more visible and I can't decide which version I like more. I also love it when a gradient comes together!
What do you think? Which version do you prefer? Head on over to Joyce and Michelle to see how they've nailed this! I suspect someone may have used purple... I have a good feeling about purple :P

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

#52weeknailchallenge: insect

I was quite looking forward to this prompt because I had so many ideas! And then when it was time to do them I couldn't think of anything!!

I did have another idea floating around, which I wasn't sure about at all, but it was all I had. So let me show you what I did.

I started with two coats of Tip Top it's lime time on all my nails. I also have a swatch for you.
In the meanwhile I also placed a splat vinyl from becauseishop on my miracle mat and painted a coat of 3ina 124 over it, removing the vinyl immediately. Leaving it to dry. I then started on my nails...
I then stamped the ants from Lina summer 2 with Nicole Diary black. This took some time as the image for the ants is a nail sized image and I had to remove the excess ants as I went along. When the splat was dry I lifted it from my mat and placed it in my ring finger. 
I then stamped some ants around it. In my mind this was supposed to be ants going towards a spill. Apparently it looks more like I squished one of the ants. Oh well. What do you think?
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

#52weeknailchallenge: red & orange

And thus we start a new year and a new challenge! Some started the challenge early and will be a week ahead, most are spot on time and here I am... Late! It's not that I wasn't prepared, I had my mani all ready to go. Then I realized that I never even started on my blog post! So here you go, fashionably late.
And there's the new prompts in all it's glory, just in case you decide to join! Let me show you what I did for orange and red.

I started with two coats of Hean I love Hean 440 on my thumb, ring finger and pinky. On my index and middle finger I have a coat of Sinful Colors snow me white.
I then did a gradient with Revlon provoke and 440, with 440 at my tips. When that was dry I added some decals over it.
I wasn't too sure about this initially as the orange mostly gets lost in all of it. But it grew on me! What do you think? Since I'm so late with posting this I've seen an influx of red and orange mani's on Instagram and most went with a gradient. 
Thanks for reading!!