Monday, 13 August 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: houndstooth

The idea I had for this prompt actually came from an outfit I saw on someone one day. But it required a mustardy colour polish, which I didn't have the right shade. But I got some polishes since then and one of them was the perfect shade.

Let me show you what I did. I started with two coats of 3ina 505 on my thumb and pinky. The rest has two coats of Hean City Fashion white. I'm starting to not like white polishes. They go tacky so quickly!! Maybe because I've been using it rather often...
I top coated the white as I wanted to use vinyls. Once that was dry I used some straight vinyls and angled it across my index and ring fingers. I then carefully painted 505 on the one side of vinyl removing it immediately. Top coated that and waited again.
Once that was dry I used my simply peel and painted it across 505 leaving the white blank. When that was dry I stamped the angled houndstooth design from BP-L006 with Nicole Diary black on my index, middle and ring finger.
This mani actually looked better on Cindy, I should have swopped the angled colours on my nails around. I wanted it to look like the houndstooth was a strip across my nails. And I did it wrong. (sigh)

I did like how this turned out either way. What do you think?

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Monday, 6 August 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: black & white

This was another mani that I had high hopes for didn't quite work. A while ago I've been seeing all these mani's on Instagram, that had a gradient base and black and white flowers.... I can't remember who did it first or who did it... But this is a shoutout to those people!!

So the gradient part was fine, I started with a coat of Hean City Fashion white. With these I don't worry about having an opaque base, since I'm doing something over it..... For my gradient I used essence play with my mint and Ulta3 radiant orchid.
I wanted to have multiple flowers, but time wasn't on my side. And I spilled acetone on my desk and messed up the base of my one clear stamper. So the head is clear but not the bottom and the bottom doesn't come off! So sad.
Anyway for the flower I used BP-L067 with Nicole Diary black stamping polish and I used CF white to colour it in. I may have been a little impatient with placing these. My white wasn't quite dry and I kinda made the flower from being long and elongated to a round blob!!
Hopefully it's not too obvious and you can still tell it's a flower? It's not bad, but its not good either. What do you think??
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Monday, 30 July 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: flowers

With last year's challenge spring and flowers were right after each other, so I'm kinda glad that they got separated this year. Also my mani isn't very floral-ey, but it has flowers and that counts, right? Right? It's inspired by this look by @badgirlnails
So I started with two coats Hean I love Hean 900 on my thumb and ring finger. On my pinky I have two coats of I love Hean 898 and on my middle finger I have two coats of Hean Sugar 852. This is my only and favourite gold texture polish.
On my index finger I have a gradient with I love Hean 904 and City Fashion white. The flowers are decals from Aliexpress, since I don't have the freehand skills Sonia does! And can we just take a second and admire these decals? I mean look how great they look over a dark colour!
I should have made these matte but I only realised a couple of days after I should have done that. What do you think?

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: fandom

OMG I just realised I somehow managed to skip fandom!! Don't even ask how I managed that, it seems I blacked out whole week.

I had lofty goals for this mani. I wanted to do Skyrim inspired nails, but I was still waiting for my Skyrim inspired polishes when I did this. So I settled for my original idea. I was going to do a Howl's Moving Castle inspired mani.

I started with two coats of Hean I love Hean 870 on all my nails.
I didn't want white as a base, so I settled for the light gray. So each finger has a story. Let's start with my thumb and index.
I used feather vinyls from becauseishop on my miracle mat. Painted a coat of Ulta3 black satin and a thin coat of China Glaze let your twilight sparkle over that, removing the vinyl immediately. Once it was dry, placed it on my nail. This is to represent Howl as a bird. Obviously on my middle finger is Turnip Head himself! He was stamped from HeHe 61, his face was coloured in with Hean City Fashion white and the band on his top hat was coloured in with I love Hean 906.
On my ring finger I have Calcifer, fire demon. I used flame on vinyls also from becauseishop. And attempted a gradient, with yellow at the tip moving into orange and red. For this I used Hean City Fashion 178 and 171 and I love Hean 440. For Calcifer's eyes I used a dotting tool and my black and white polishes. Finally on my ring finger I stamped some gears, also from HeHe 61 with Mundo De Unas copper. This is to resemble the castle.

I am very pleased with how this turned out and someone recognised Calcifer!! Without being told what my inspiration is. What do you think? Did I do this justice? Do you see Calcifer?

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