Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Paisley nails

More short nails for you guys. I started with two coats of I love Hean 872 from the Pastel collection on all my nails. I was going for something simple, as I didn't want to make the difference in nail length too obvious. I made a decal on my Miracle Mat using my Essence black stampy polish and BP-L024. The paisley design has caught my eye so many times and I finally decided to use it.
I used 878 and 879 to fill in the gaps. There's always been some questions as to how to make decals on mats and stampers and all that. What I do is, I lay down a coat of clear polish (Essence Absolute Pure) on my mat, stamp, colour in my design and another coat of clear polish. I then paint my nails, do a bit of clean up and by that time my decal is dry. So waiting time is about 10 mins, but if you want to wait longer you can.
I then trim my decal a bit and then stick it on my slightly tacky polish. Clean up the edges. Here I used Essence's satin matte top coat on my ring finger. I think this was kinda cute. It made me like simple nail art again.
What do you guys think?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Welcome to the nub club

I've been MIA for a bit, but I'm hoping to be back to normal posting soon. I had a tear (again) and I shortened my nails, like very short, and then I had another tear and had to shorten them again... So I didn't not want to post, but I ended up doing exactly that. So I will be doing something that I don't normally do, I will be posting but not all my nails will be the same length. Which is super frustrating.

I started with two coats of I love Hean 870 from the Pastel collection. And used my Essence stampy polish in black and BP-14.
I added a random dot here and there. And that's it. Super quick and easy.
And maybe just because I didn't know what to do. So what do you guys think?
Thanks for stopping by!!