Monday, 16 December 2013

Have you ever heard of the word AGNOSTIC??

I have this friend, well we've been working together for nearly 10 years and we've socialised outside of work, so yea, I guess friend. Anyway, she is very religious. Recently more so than at any other time. And she insists on wanting to convert me or something...

The thing is, I don't believe, nor do I disbelieve. Maybe there is a God, maybe there isn't. It has a lot to do with my I DON'T CARE attitude. You see, I think certain people (not all) use religion as a crutch. I personally see it as a guideline, but then again, I might be wrong about that. My opinion, right?

I recently watched a show where a group of people were asked what their religion is and the one person answered, he's an agnostic. I think I've heard the word before, but never really paid any attention to it, until now. So I used the trusty tool called Google:

And I was like, Hey! That's me. And with that I finally found a word for my beliefs. And I felt so much better about it. You see the thing is with this friend of mine, she keeps wanting to read passages from the bible to me, you know the ones that has meaning to her and in a way she sees me in those passages... And all the while she's reading this to me, I'm sitting there thinking to myself: I DON'T CARE!! The worst was when she called me an atheist in front of a whole waiting room of patients and colleagues. As far as I'm concerned, that has got absolutely nothing to do with anyone! I was extremely pissed off. I mean, how dare you do that to me. In front of such a lot of people and not even being discreet about it?

So, this post is for you...
Have you ever heard of the word AGNOSTIC??

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Working as a medical receptionist has its days, you get to know your patients. You either get to see them grow up (in the case of the kiddies) or you get to see them grow old (in the case of the old birds), the problem with the growing older part is the fact that they grow old so fast... The one day they come in with so much light and a spring in their step, but as time goes by the light fades and the spring becomes a limp, the limp becomes a crutch, the crutch becomes a wheel chair and after that you just don't see them again.

But with some of them, they just come in one day and the next they gone. We recently had a patient that passed away, recently as in yesterday morning. And the weird thing is, the patient was here on Sunday, I still spoke to him and according to my colleague he was here on Monday too. And suddenly he's not with us anymore... I'm sure he will be missed by his family and friends and in a way by us too.
So R.I.P Trevor Halladey

With this my question being, a patient came in on Sunday (when we charge after hour rates) and she said she's been putting off coming to the doctor for 5 months!! (SERIOUSLY??) When we informed her how much the consultation will be, she said that her health is more important...
Now maybe, just maybe I'm being stoooopid (yes I know you spell stupid this way, stooopid makes more sense). Your health is more important and yet you wait 5 months before you decide to consult with a doctor? I don't understand it, can someone please explain that to me? I'm a little confused...

We are available to see patients until 20:00. Although that's the time we wanna leave, so it's kinda unfair when people rock up at 5 mins to closing time and they have been sick the whole day... Or when they fell 3 months ago and now want to see a doctor. And yes that really has happened.


I've decided to share some of my favourite recipes here... I know, I know, they are all available online you just need to look for them, but mine are unique in some way. I combine recipes to suite what I need or what I want from a recipe, okay, maybe not all my recipes, but for the most of them...

Cake in a Cup (Cupcake)
4 tbs flour (I've used cake and self raising, both works)
4 tbs sugar
2 tbs cocoa
mix the dry ingredients, add 1 egg
3 tbs oil
3 tbs milk
mix, microwave on HIGH for 4 mins.
It will rise in the cup, but I've never had mine overflow or become messy in anyway, so DON'T start panicking when it rises. I also don't do mine for the full 4 mins, sometimes I only do it for 3 or 3 and a half mins. FYI: It is a bit dry, so try to have it with some ice cream or custard.
I've experimented with it a bit too, added some choc chips and plonked in a piece or two of caramel before I microwave it, adds that little something special :) I still wanna try adding some vanilla essence and see if it alters the flavour in any way and I wanna try a plain Vanilla one, or make a rainbow one....
But I will add my findings once I've tried it.

Cupcake with Bar One sauce

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Guppie Episode

I'm sure everybody knows what a guppie is, I've added a picture for those of you who don't. Generally these fish are used as food for bigger fish-eating fish....

At the practice where I work we have two fishtanks that was looked after by a colleague's husband.... And along came somebody that thought he knows more, whisked them away, cleaned them, brought them back, planted pretty plants inbetween pretty stones and eventually after a month we got fish again!!

So the one tank had the previous lot of fish in, since I have no idea what they are I'll call them the Cannibals, and the other tank a lot of guppies. Personally my theory was, that the guppies would be food for when we get more Cannibals, but that was my theory. Last night at work, we all minding our own business and the next all we hear is rushing water... I took no note of it, to be quite honest the things I've heard here already, rushing water wasn't a suprise.

In hindsight, we should have been surprised, the one tank decided to pull apart at one corner. Fun Times!! Water all over the floor, people rushing about to stem the flow of water, others to get the water out of the tank and eventually the Cannibals. Not having any other choice, as we couldn't leave the fish in a bucket, we put them in with the guppies...

Lo and behold, when I started work today, there was NO more guppies. Personally I thought it was hilarious, guess this was my Don't Care attitude, but some people was rather upset and other were angry. I get the upset, okay maybe not, but I don't get the angry... Isn't that how nature works? Eat or be eaten?

But besides that, it's not like they were anyone's pet... They were just there for the entertainment of the patients and the annoying children (Yea, I'm not a fan of kids). It's not like anybody had a relationship with them, or named them... They were just there, but now they have been replaced by the CANNIBALS!!

That's so funny :)

Bit about me

So.... I'm a Medical Receptionist, I work in a practice with 12 GP's. Now the things I've seen here.... Well it's rather disturbing how far people would go. And inbetween it's coughing and sneezing and vomiting and bleeding and I'm pretty sure every other -ing you can think of!

So with all of this I feel like I've become desensitized to most things... "Oh you broke your leg... Well then good for you." I guess it also has a lot to do with my " I DON'T CARE" attitude, stop complaining and accept your life the way it is. You see the way I see it, is that you made certain decisions that brought you to where you are now and you can't blame anyone else for that. I mean, you made those decisions! Nobody was holding a gun to your head!! If they were.... Sorry! That's just bad luck.

A colleague of mine recently started her own blog, now don't get it wrong, I've always wanted to start my own.... I just never got to the point of doing it, so with her starting hers ( I decided I'm going to use her as inspiration to start mine. Finally!