Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bit about me

So.... I'm a Medical Receptionist, I work in a practice with 12 GP's. Now the things I've seen here.... Well it's rather disturbing how far people would go. And inbetween it's coughing and sneezing and vomiting and bleeding and I'm pretty sure every other -ing you can think of!

So with all of this I feel like I've become desensitized to most things... "Oh you broke your leg... Well then good for you." I guess it also has a lot to do with my " I DON'T CARE" attitude, stop complaining and accept your life the way it is. You see the way I see it, is that you made certain decisions that brought you to where you are now and you can't blame anyone else for that. I mean, you made those decisions! Nobody was holding a gun to your head!! If they were.... Sorry! That's just bad luck.

A colleague of mine recently started her own blog, now don't get it wrong, I've always wanted to start my own.... I just never got to the point of doing it, so with her starting hers ( I decided I'm going to use her as inspiration to start mine. Finally!

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