Monday, 28 September 2015

Hean nail polish #278 - Jungle Pop Collection

Sorry for not posting last Thursday... I meant to, but it was a public holiday here in SA and I was trying to catch up on some sleep and nail stuff and other stuff. And I only remembered past 11 the evening I wanted to post. Aaaaand today is Monday again.
There's another Hean I want to show you today. This is two coats of #278. A beautiful electric blue.
As we've come to expect from Hean, super shiney and dries quick.
I top coated everything and once that was dry I used vinyls I got from We Heart Nail Art. I used heart swirl vinyls for this one and I used both the normal and the inverted vinyl.
The glitter polish I used is also from Glamore Cosmetics. It is Omega #324 or Golden Magenta. It's filled with magenta and gold glitter. I sponged it on and the coverage was great.
This is one of two Omega glitter polishes I got and I prefer this one. The other one was thick and gloopy. This one was much easier to work with.

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Hean nail polish #276 - Jungle Pop Collection

Ah man another Monday... Is it just me or could you do with more time too? I mean somehow I have to work, clean, do the washing, make food and find time to do my nails, spend time with BF, visit the parents and time to RELAX. And some people think that doing my nails and relaxing is over rated. That I could be doing any of the other above mentioned things. Honestly that's just giving me a headache. You work with the public the whole day and see if you up for the rest...
Anyway, today I have #276 from the Jungle Pop collection to show you. This is 3 coats. And it's green! I like green.
I had no idea what to do with this colour. So I decided to use some decals that I've been staring at for some time now.
I totally messed up with some of the decals... Stupid over here didn't remove the plastic cover before putting it in the water...
I made some dots on my index finger with Jungle Pop #281. I liked the flowers... It really went with this green. The decals is from BPS.
So do you have the same issue than what I do about time? Do you also need more? And what do you think of my flowers? Don't forget if you like this Hean you just need to pop over to Glamore Cosmetics to get it!!

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hean nail polish #281 - Jungle Pop Collection

I'm so glad it's almost weekend. Work has been a major pain, because of stoooopid people. Ugh, what's the point have doing something if you not going to do it properly?

Anyhoo, today I have another Hean from the Jungle Pop collection to show you. I only have two more to swatch, so I'm finally making a dent.
This is two coats of  #281. I'm normally a bit apprehensive of metallic colours because they normally seem so brush strokey. But with these Hean's so far, I had no problems at all.
I'm such a chop again too.... I realised as I'm doing this post I didn't mark the swatch with the bottle and therefor it's not uploaded and... Meh I'll add it later LoL
I'm doing simple nail art at the moment. Maybe, it's because I don't always feel very inspired when doing swatches. But at least I'm getting to show you these awesome polishes and my new vinyls!!! I topcoated everything and on my ring finger I used a star swirl vinyl from We Heart Nail Art and sponged on Tip Top Snow Capped which is a silver glitter. Peeled of the vinyl immediately after I was done and Viola!
I am super impressed by these vinyls. They are the high quality that you can expect from places like TwinkledT and Snailvinyls and the rest. And the best part is, this sheet has 30 vinyls! Yes, 30!! And if you like me, that hates wasting you will end up with 60, because you can use the inverted vinyl too! Only for R50.

So if you want #281, you can find Glamore Cosmetics here and I'm sure you want it. Really, you do. So go on and get it NOW, before they all gone!!

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Hean nail polish #277 - Jungle Pop collection

I am such a chop. I was meant to do a guest post over at Ordinary Misfit last week Thursday and I completely forgot!! Thank goodness Michelle is doing the #31DC2015. Otherwise I would have felt even worse. And I meant to do a post myself and I didn't even manage that!

Anyway, I had a different post for today, but I really wanted to show off my new stencils I got from We Heart Nailart! We've been tempted with photo's for about a month of their new vinyls and stencils and finally we got the go ahead to order! I'm not sure if they are online yet, because Shann is still busy taking pics and so forth. But I'm sure if you mail her, she'll be happy to accommodate.
Swatch first, this is 3 coats of #277. I top coated my index and ring finger and waited for that to dry so I can use my new fish scale vinyls.
When I trimmed the stencil down to fit my index finger better, there was still a bit left over and I started contemplating a bit of negative space....
So I took #277 off my middle finger, prepped it and used Barry M VIP, removing the stencil immediately. On my index and ring finger I sponged on VIP, again removing the stencil immediately.
In hindsight I think I should have used a different colour, but at least you can't notice my mistakes now.
 I'm so happy we can finally get decent vinyls and stencils here in SA. And they not badly priced either, only R50 a sheet. So for the next couple of mani's I'm going crazy with vinyls! And don't forget if you love the polish to head over to Glamore Cosmetics and get one before they all gone!!

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Hean nail polish #270 - Jungle Pop collection

I have another Hean from the Jungle Pop collection to show you today. I've managed to swatch four of the nine (!!! What was I thinking?) so far and this is the third I'm sharing. Michelle and Sam both managed to poop them all out within almost a week!! Like really?? You can find Michelle's swatches here and Sam's on her FaceBook page Sassy in the City.

Anyway, on to today's. I started with two coats of #270.
This is a chocolate brown with a gold shimmer to it. I must admit I am not a fan of browns, but I have always wanted or rather felt I needed on for my ever growing collection and this one is a beaut. So why not?
I'm also back to copying other peoples work and ideas. When Michelle did this Hean with art here, she mentioned that she wondered if stamping with gold would highlight the gold shimmer in this polish.
Now, I am no Michelle, but I thought I'd give it a whirl. For me it's almost like the gold stamping is actually getting lost on this brown.
At certain angles you can't even notice the stamping... I used BP-L005 and a gold stampy polish that I got as a free gift with one of my orders from BPS.
I'm kinda glad that I decided to get the whole Jungle Pop collection. This collection has really knocked our socks off and I'm sure it will do the same for you... You can find them at Glamore Cosmetics and you can find Glamore Cosmetics on FaceBook and Instagram.

I'm also currently blogger of the month on Ordinary Misfit, don't forget to go and check out the Q&A here. Apparently I'm gonna fun!

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