Thursday, 23 July 2015

#OMD3: Under the Sea & twinsie post with Michelle

I hope everyone has been keeping well... I haven't posted this week and in a way I feel guilty. It's just that I have been feeling so exhausted. I'm used to the dark circles under my eyes most of the times, but lately I'm a bit of a shock to myself.

Anyway, I ended up torturing myself again with this post. It would seem I'm a sucker for punishment, because it's twinsie time again with Michelle... And I totally sucked ass with this prompt. I feel that almost everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. I'm not gonna point out what went wrong, I'll leave it up to you to figure that part out.
I started with two coats of L.A Girl 3D effects Brilliant Blue. It's a beautiful polish, but not the kinda holo that I want... It's not the blue that's holo, it's the flakies. And I want the blue to be holo. If that makes sense.
Once it was dry (and after having bumped my nails), I stamped images off plate BP-L017. I stuck to the images that looked "under the sea". I really like the jellyfish, makes me think of Dory in Finding Nemo, "I will name him Squishy and he will be my squishy"... Something along those lines.
Besides that I had him stamped in pink over the algae looking plants on my ring finger, I think he's cute. That what you can see...

I used my essence stampy polish in white for all of the stamping. And let me tell you, it's difficult stamping with white when your stamper is white and you can't see if the image picked up properly.
This was also done in a bit of a rush, as I haven't had a off day since last Monday.

I'm hoping Michelle had some trouble with this prompt (sorry Mich), but at this moment I feel totally inadequate...Even though I had some people say they liked my nails and I'm thinking "Suuuuuure, wait until you know what it's SUPPOSED to be." Don't forget to pop over to give Michelle some luuurve. :D

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