Thursday, 9 January 2014

Friendship from MY point of VIEW

I consider myself to be a good friend... I'm loyal, considerate and once I consider you to be a friend, you not easily rid of me.
But the thing is, I think I tend to take things very seriously then. The smallest thing and I take it personally. I plan something and you can't make it... Clearly you have better things to do than spend time with me! Do it again and I won't invite you again, to anything! As in I won't contact you until you contact me, I know, its probably very immature of me, but I've been burned by so many so called friendships so many times already.
I'll always remember this day when I was much younger and still had the urge to play outside, my friend realised that one of the girls that she was in school with, stayed across the road... Now this was like the second day of school or something of a new term, hence she only realising it when she saw this person, and as fickle as a young child can be, she left me standing and went to play with her new friend across the road. You might ask, why did I not go with? Its quite simple, or for me it was at least, I was not invited. Besides I was a very shy young person. I hated attention, I was quite happy being with my one friend and nobody else. Attention normally got you into trouble...

Also my father was the caretaker at the flats which we stayed in and therefor I was the outsider, I was the tattle tale, even though I didn't. I just had a powerful sense of what was wrong and what was right, guess my dad being a police officer had a lot to do with that too, so I would be the one telling children not to do things as its wrong, its against the rules. Guess that would explain why I was always a loner as a child... In a way I feel that, that shaped who I am as an adult today. People have always considered me to be a leader, although I find that to be funny at times, since nobody listens to me. But that could quite possibly be because of my age. Maybe for this new year, I need to lighten up a bit... What do you think?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I was just saying to my boyfriend the other day, we've been together for nearly 7 years and staying together for nearly one, that 2013 has been the year for engagements and marraiges... Two of my colleagues got engaged, a friend that used to work with me and also a couple of people I used to know (how do you used to know someone?), got married. And 2015 is also going to be a bad year for these occasions as the people who got engaged in 2013, will most probably get married then.

I've always joked with BF that I'll give him five years and then I want to be engaged, yeah, that never happened. Said to me the other day that it was his plan all along, I've invested too much time with him now to break up with him. That was always a fear I had, I saw these people around me, be together for years and then break up, invest years and then it doesn't work out... Its something I don't want to happen to me.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not with him because of the time I invested, I'm still there because its where I want to be.

I'm also very grateful that I've managed to avoid the "When you getting married?" question. The thing is, I need to be asked first. Although we have talked about it, quite often too, he's waiting for something. Can't always keep track of what it is, I know the one thing is that he wants to pay the car first, and that will only be in Nov 2015... Hey, maybe 2015 will be my year. I got a brilliant tidbit from a friend...
"When you getting married? Then you get married... When is the baby on the way... Then you have a baby.... When is the second one on its way... And so it goes. Nevermind the 50 million opinions you have to deal with on how to plan your wedding, what to wear etc etc, then it starts with parenting advice.... Good luck and enjoy it. No use getting annoyed, it never ends."
I think that is the best, because it is sooooo true!!

So I guess just to hang on and my time will come, and then the amazing journey starts on how to tell people to mind their own damn business!! :D