Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Omega Nails South Africa winner

Omega Nails South Africa, My Manicure Madness and Do My Nails hosted a competition on their FaceBook pages for glitter pots that was sponsored by Omega Nails. As I mentioned on my facebook page, I was lucky enough to be one of the winners, as there was one winner per page.

I contacted the lovely Gael from Omega to organise delivery and while I was doing that I ordered two of the Omega treatments, Omega Labs Ultimate Growth2, one for me and one for my mother with whom I would have to share the glitter pots.
Gael was kind enough to send my mom a little something something... And she was even more kind by sending me some samples. I was also very impressed with the way everything was packaged. It was made up nicely and you could really tell that effort was put in to it. And that made it even more special.
I've said this to some people and I'll say it again. The people I've met in the nail art community are some of the kindest and most generous people I know. I mean where have you seen people randomly sending you things without even knowing who the hell you are?

I had just started following Michelle and she kept mentioning using this thing called "striping tape", I was like wtf is striping tape?? So I sent her a message on Facebook and she explained to me what it is and then offered to send me some! Like huh? Send me some? Suuuure! Obviously not gonna say no to free stuff (saying that tongue in cheek, knowing she might read this).

But that's not where it ended... It is where it started though and I completely fell in love with this community and it still manages to astound me. I just hope that one day I would be able to give some things away to somebody that just starts out. And be able to show the same amount of generosity that was shown to me. The kind part I'm not too sure about.... I'm a bitch after all :p (LoL)

Anyway, I will be posting on the treatment and see if it works for me. So keep a look out for that. Also if you want to order anything from Omega you can visit the website www.glamore.co.za or you can email Gael on gael67@telkomsa.net.


  1. Love this review! Thank you a million it made me smile and do the happy penguin dance :) I was really happy to make you feel special!

    1. Haha its a pleasure. I wish I could see the happy penguin dance!!


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