Thursday, 11 December 2014

Cherries in the Snow me White

Hehehe I like using the polish names for the post names, it seems oddly appropriate at times. This is my first Christmas mani for the year and hopefully not the last, but I'll try not to kill you with it.

I started off with my usual base coat and two coats of Tip Top Cherries in the Snow on all my fingers except my index finger. On my index finger I did two coats of Tip Top Toasted Nuts.
On my index finger I used Cherries in the Snow and Sinful Colours Snow me White to paint a little hat (my colleague thought it was a cookie). I also used Tip Top Galaxy over the Snow me White to give it a bit of sparkle. On my middle finger I painted two coats of Sinful Colours Call You Later over the Cherries in the Snow, it's sooo pretty. On my ring finger I attempted to do a snowflake that I saw on Instagram done by @yagala. 
 The only problem is that I watched the video two weeks ago, so I missed (more like forgot) some of the finer details. But I still think it looks nice. What do you think of my almost fail snowflake? And my little santa hat?

**This post has been waiting to be posted for about a week and in this week Michelle did santa hats.... And hers looks way better than mine. And I don't think I like Michelle anymore. I'm so divorcing her....**


  1. hahahahahaha Oh my gosh you are so funny!!! Please don't divorce me!!!!

    I really really like this. It is so cute and you managed to incorporate more than just hats. I love it.


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