Friday, 31 January 2020

Friday Triad: Inspired by @manicure.d

Time for the monthly Triad post. This month it was my turn to choose the inspiration, so I went with this mani by @manicure.d. I just loved the look of the metallic with the marble. I know some people (eyes Joyce) was a little daunted by the fact that actual watermarbling was involved in achieving the look. Let me show you what I did.

I started with two coats of China Glaze swatch out! on my ring finger. On my thumb, index, middle finger and pinky I started with a coat of Tip Top perfect look. I then stamped an image from Lina @tanya_wish collab with Nicole Diary black.
I added another coat of perfect look. Once that was dry I stamped another marble looking image from Lina make your mark 8 with Mundo de Unas light grey. I then added another stamp from Lina @kombucha_witch collab with BPS gold.
I top coated and waited for it to dry as I was going to use vinyls. I used half moon vinyls from TwinkledT and painted a coat of swatch out! in the area between the vinyl and my cuticle, removing the vinyl immediately.
So I really enjoyed this. I was considering adding another layer to it, but decided against it. I like how the black is darker in some areas. What do you think? Don't forget to head on over to Michelle and Joyce and see what they did. I'm not even going to hazard any guesses as to what they may have done. They've been surprising me lately.

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Sunday, 26 January 2020

#52weeknailchallenge: mettalic

Hey look, it's my least favourite prompt. I really struggled with this one last year and now here it is again! I decided to keep it simple this time.

I started with two coats of China Glaze for Audrey on my thumb, index and middle finger. On my ring finger and pinky I have two coats of China Glaze meet me in the mirage.
I then stamped from Lina @shannasnailadventures collab with Mundo de Unas copper on my thumb, index and middle finger.
Top coated and done. What do you think? I kinda like it.
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Saturday, 25 January 2020

#52weeknailchallenge: school

For today's prompt I did something similar to what I did last year. Let me show you.

I started with two coats of Catrice good lack! on all my nails. I then stamped the lines from Lina feeling shapely 1 with Mundo de Unas sky blue and orchid.
I then added the alphabet. Stamped from Moyra scrabble with Nicole Diary black.
On my thumb I added a cute apple decal. Why is it that school is generally associated with an apple for the teacher?
What do you think? I do like how it turned out. Hopefully we won't have this prompt next year. I will have to come up with something else.

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Sunday, 12 January 2020

#52weeknailchallenge: birds

This prompt gave me the opportunity to use a new stamping plate with bird images on it. I've been wanting to use it for a while, but now I don't know if I did it justice. Let me show you what I did.

I started with two coats of Cirque Lapis Lazuli on all my nails except my middle finger. On my middle finger I have two coats of Hean 870.
The stamp is from Moyou tropical 04 stamped with Nicole Diary black. I coloured in the birds with Lapis Lazuli, the eyes with Hean 440.
And that's that. I think that lapis lazuli may have been a little dark, or maybe I should have made the eyes a different colour. Anyway, lapis lazuli is gorgeous.
What do you think?

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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Catch up on #52weeknailchallenge

I've been terrible with posting the challenge posts as the weeks just seem to get away from me, all the time. Since I'm late already with the new year's challenges, I decided to post the remaining ones from last year all together and hopefully this year will be better... But with planning the wedding I might not.

Let's start... First up: Mermaid
Polishes used:
Hean sugar 856 pink
Hean 401 
Hean 408
Sinful Colors green ocean 
The rest is decals.

Polishes used:
Pahlish Scamander
China Glaze let's chalk about it
The rest is decals.

Polishes used:
China Glaze beaches and toes
China Glaze meet me in the mirage
Stamping plates:
Lina feeling shapely 1
Lina feeling shapely 9
Lina @tanya_wish collab
Stamping polishes:
Nicole Diary white
Nicole Diary black 
Konad 17

Black and white
Polishes used:
China Glaze bump in the night
Hean black
Hean 401
The rest is decals.

Polishes used:
Pahlish Godric
Pahlish Salazar
Hean 401
Stamping plate:
Lina can't wait for Xmas! 2
Stamping polishes:
Mundo de Unas caramel
Moyou fresh basil

New Year
Polishes used:
Tip Top sparkle queen
Hean sugar 852 gold
Numb3r5 from @becauseishop

And that's it. All the ones I missed from this year. They are all up on Instagram already. Now to get to work on this year's ones.

Thanks for reading!