Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter nails 2016

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you enjoy it and the long weekend that comes along with it. I have some Easter inspired nails I want to share with you.

I started with two coats of Tip Top Mikyway. I should have taken pics but for some reason I didn't. Anyway, I made zig zag decals on my mat as I suck spacing directly on my nail.
I used the same colours for dots on my index finger as for the zig zags. Once those where dry I put them on my ring finger. What was left over I put on my pinky. The colours I used was:
pink - Tip Top melting marshmellows
purple - Tip Top fairy dust
blue - Tip Top blueberry pie
green - Tip Top it's lime time
yellow - essence love is in the air
The bunny and flowers are decals I got from BPS. I don't actually know if people realised it was Easter themed or not.
What do you think? Easter enough? I actually wanted to post this earlier, but the stupid laptop or phone or whoever the culprit was, didn't want to work.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hean nail polish #272 - Jungle Pop collection

So I kinda forgot to post yesterday. It's not often that both BF and I sleep late. It mostly only happens on Sundays, so in my mind I thought it was Sunday. Anyway, this is the last Jungle Pop I have for you guys. It's similar to 275, 275 was an orange polish with a pink shift. This one is a pink polish with an orange shift. I first thought it was the same polish when I took them out of the bag.
This is two coats, no top coat. It has the same flakies that 275 has, I thought it would remove like a glitter polish, but it came off just as a regular polish. I couldn't capture the shift between pink and orange, but it's there.
I was looking through my stamping plates, hoping for some inspiration and I came across BP-73. It had some cute roses on it. So I made some decals with my miracle mat.Still my best buy ever!!
For the roses I used Hean 221 and Hean 225 for the leaves, both of these is from the summer collection.
I struggled my behind off with actually picking up my image, so it's a bit patchy. Anyway, I like how these turned out and I got quite a few compliments.
What do you think? Sorry about the nubbin that's my thumb at the moment. It had a tear, but then I got into a dispute with some chicken and it was no more. If you want any of these just click on the banner and it will take you directly to the shop.

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hean nail polish #275 - Jungle Pop collection

Today's post is a bit late. But my morning didn't quite go as planned. I also have the second last Jungle Pop to show you. This is a very interesting one. It's a copper toned orange with a pink shift and flakies!
This is two coats. It dried smooth, even though it doesn't look it. Quick hint if you are at a loss for nail art... Reach for vinyls.
I used Aztec vinyls for this one. I sponged on SC Black on Black so the colour doesn't bleed under the vinyl.
I got quite a few compliments on this mani. What do you think?
I'll have the last Jungle Pop to show you next week. Hopefully all the public holidays won't disrupt my posting.
I'll even have an Easter Mani to show you!

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Hean nail polish #279 - Jungle Pop collection

Happy Monday peoples... Yeah maybe I'm a bit crazy. Anyway, today I have a beautiful polish to show you. As I mentioned previously, Glamore Cosmetics managed to get the rest of the Jungle Pop collection, sadly it's only 3 new ones. This is the first one.
This is two coats of 279. It's a beautiful metallic pink that has a purple shine to it. Obviously I couldn't capture it accurately. But you can tell that it's a very nice colour.
I was looking through my stamping plates and found a blotchy looking image on BP-L009.
I stamped using Nubar Silver Mist and my gold stampy polish from BPS.
It looks kinda messy, but I like it. What do you think? If you want this new Jungle Pop, just click on the link or on the banner.

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Friday, 11 March 2016

Blue and gold

Sometimes you seem quite clever combining nail polish names to get your post name, but other times it just doesn't want to come to you. Like with this one. I just couldn't think of something clever with goldbusters and hean #199. And please don't try, you just gonna make me feel bad ;-)

Anyway, I started with three coats of Catrice Goldbusters on my middle finger and two coats of Hean City Fashion 199 on the rest of my fingers. My thumb has one coat of Goldbusters over #199, because I think it looks better as a topper than by itself.
I made a star decal with vinyls and my miracle mat using Tip Top Gold Mine. I did try Goldbusters but it was too sheer to make a difference. I know my golds don't really match, but oh well.

I like how Goldbusters look as a topper though. It also has a holo hint to it in direct light. Very pretty.
What do you think? Anyway, I'll have swatches next week.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Henna tattoo inspired

This mani is inspired by @badgirlnails. More by what inspired her, but when I saw it, I knew I wanted to do henna nails too.
I used BP-L014 for the image and Sorbet Chic me Baby for the stamping. I laid down a coat of Essence Absolute Pure (clear polish) on my miracle mat and made decals with the images as it was quite a big image I was using. And knowing me it wouldn't end up where I wanted it.
I painted two coats of Tip Top Bare with Me on all my nails and by that time my decals were dry. I was such a chop and didn't take pictures of the decals on my mat, but anyway. I cut them in half and randomly placed them on my nails. I used a full decal for my ring finger. My stamping was a bit patchy here and there, but overall not bad.
I top coated everything and then used Essence matt about you. I wanted to add some glitter highlights, but decided against it (I was lazy). What do you think? Is it missing something? BF and my male colleague knew it was tattoos, but the ladies didn't. Go figure.

By next week I should have some more Jungle Pop swatches. Glamore Cosmetics managed to get the rest of the collection and they are beauties!

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016


This mani didn't quite do what I wanted it to do. If that makes sense... I painted a couple of coats SC Green Ocean and Avon Diamond Shatter on my Miracle Mat.
The purpose was, once dry to cut it into pieces, stick it on my nails and hopefully look awesome. I started with one coat of my lazy black, Avon Antarctic. Painted one coat of Green Ocean on my middle finger and one coat of Diamond Shatter on my thumb and pinky.
On my index and ring finger I stuck the pieces of decal and top coated. I alternated between the two polishes.

I used a matte top coat and that kinda showed the difference better between the two polishes. This was fun to do... Since I got my mat I've been planning my mani's around using it. My next two mani's were both using my mat. It was my best buy ever!
So what do you think of this? Does it work for you?

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