Friday, 29 March 2019

Friday Triad: Inspired by @dreamsnails

It's time for another Triad post! It's the post where either myself, Michelle or Joyce picks a manicure for inspiration and we can either recreate, or just be inspired by it. This month it was Joyce's turn and she chose this by @dreamsnails. I knew there was no reason for panic as we don't freehand and I was certain everyone else will be stamping. So that was my plan, to stamp. But then I found all my stamps to be too wide and the lines weren't thin enough... So this is plan B.

I started with two coats of essence gossip girl on my thumb and index finger. On my pinky I have two coats of Pahlish polyjuice. On my middle and ring fingers I painted one half with gossip girl and the other half with polyjuice.
In the meanwhile I got my decals ready, placed them on my clear stamper and then coloured them in with essence we will spock you. Left them to dry.
Once they were dry I lined them up to the middle of my nail, squashed them down and realized the one on my middle finger wasn't quite dry and hoped no one would notice. Which of course the BF did...
I really liked how this turned out I thought it may be a bit dark, but hey we are heading into Autumn. Yay for the cooler weather!!

I also went a little over board and bought the whole Wizarding World set of polishes that Pahlish released last year for their black Friday sale. So I will be using a lot of random Harry Potter inspired polishes.

What do you think? Do head on over to Michelle and Joyce's little worlds to see what they did.

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Monday, 25 March 2019

#52weeknailchallenge: glitter

I wanted to use my Skyrim vinyls for this prompt. And my new Skyrim inspired polishes I got from Color4Nails. I ordered some polishes with Heather when they had their Black Friday Sale and when I saw the Skyrim ones, I knew I had to have them.

I started with two coats of OPI DS Pewter on my ring finger and pinky. On my thumb, index and middle finger I have two coats of Bee's Knees Lacquer Hermaeus Mora (HM).
I was quite surprised by HM, besides the fact that it's almost a one coater, it's holo too! Imagine my surprise when I was out in the sun and the holo started to shine.
Once HM was dry, I added my special vinyls. These are custom made vinyls from becauseishop and I'm sure she still has some available.
I then painted a coat of DS pewter over it and removed the vinyl immediately. I messed it up a little in my middle finger, and on my thumb my base lifted! What a nightmare!! My plan was to leave DS pewter without a top coat to keep the texture, but now I had to. Luckily the top coat sealed the polish on my thumb where it lifted and I forgot about that. My middle finger.............
Hopefully DS pewter is glitter enough for this prompt and I also don't care... I finally got to do my Skyrim mani!!

What do you think? I loved this sooooo much!!

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Friday, 22 March 2019

#52weeknailchallenge: chevron

I was at a serious loss for this prompt. And then Michelle did this and I fell in love with the image. Fortunately for me, I have the same stamping plate and I totally stole the idea.

I started with two coats of Pahlish fleur de sel on my index and middle finger. On my thumb, ring finger and pinky I have two coats of essence my love diary.
I then stamped the chevron image from Lina make your mark 1 with mundo de unas copper over fleur de sel.
I love how this turned out! Fleur de sel is so pretty.
What do you think? Did I nail the colour combo or what?
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Thursday, 21 March 2019

#52weeknailchallenge: watermarble

Watermarble... One of the most hated nail art techniques, unless you're a witch or a Russian or both. I was browsing through my saved for later manicure inspirations and I came across an old favourite Instagrammer @ohmygoshpolish

I was totally inspired by this mani and I thought how difficult could it be. I mean it's only black and neon polishes.... Ha if only I knew. I tried combinations of different blacks, different neon polishes, some spread, some didn't, some were assholes. BUT! I finally came across a combo that worked! It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it worked and I was going to use it.
I started with a coat of CF white, which I've had to add thinners to so many times, on all my nails. I then got my cup with water and polishes ready.
I used Toy negro, apple smoothie and essence kiss the freaky frog. I was super excited about this!! I've almost never had a polish spread so nicely.
What do you think? I didn't even attempt to do a pattern, but I love how it came out!

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Sunday, 10 March 2019

#52weeknailchallenge: scrollwork

And just like that we at week 9 of the challenge. What I find kinda funny, is how the Instagram people are a week or even two ahead and what's even more funny is that it was requested for the date to be added to the prompts... Like week 9 is due 3 March. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. You can never make everyone happy.

Anyway, the inspiration for this prompt was rather low, but Michelle came to the rescue with loads of pictures. One stood out and this is what I did.

I started with two coats of Tip Top hot wired. It's almost a one coater, depending on the thickness of your coat. I always settle for two though.

I then stamped some swirls from Lina twirls and swirls 1 with Nicole Diary NS05.

I then added OPI matte top coat. And that's that. What do you think? I like how this turned out, especially the matte one. Although the shiny one is pretty too!
Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, 9 March 2019

SA travelling polish box: Heather's pick

Last year a couple of the girls in our Secret Santa group decided to do a travelling polish box and this year I joined in.

What basically happens is one of the ladies will put a box together with nail goodies, she will do a mani with items from the box and send it to the next lady, she will then do a mani and send it on. The box will travel across the country and the last lady gets to keep the goodies. Each of us will get a turn to send a box and keep a box. This time Heather sent the box and I got to keep the box. The other two ladies are Renita and Angela.

Let me show you what I did... I started with two coats of Blush lacquers swingin' at the savoy on my thumb, index and middle finger. On my pinky and ring finger I have two coats of different dimension stars shining bright. SSB is a stunning polish, it's got a slight rose gold touch to it, which you can only see in certain light.
I then added some decals that was also in the box on my middle finger and one on my thumb, that you will be able to see in the last picture. The decal on my middle finger is somewhat holo, but it's only visible while on the card.
And that's that. Super simple and easy. There was also a stamping plate in the box, but I am the decal queen after all, so obviously I opted for that.
What do you think? I can't wait to see what the other ladies did! Just click on their names and it'll take you to their Instagram pages.

Thanks for reading!