Sunday, 27 July 2014

Nail Art

So I've been going nail art crazy nowadays. I found an amazing page on Facebook, Tip Top Nails South Africa.The company was started by the nicest lady named Joan. She is absolutely wonderful.  She always has tips and advice for all to help. She has the best product ever.  Anyway I wanted to share my newest mani with you. For this I used striping tape that I got from Ordinary Misfit. She is awesome, she's been helping me with some tips and advice. Feels like I found a new friend ;)
Anyway I used the striping tape on my ring finger, the colours I used was Purple Reign and As the beat grows on. All from Tip Top. I didn't do my whole nail in purple and then the green over it, I did the green and once that was dry, I taped and did the purple in between the tape. My middle finger I top coated with Matt-nificent. A mattifying topcoat from Tip Top. My index finger I stamped with my Essence stamp set.
The tip of the snake didn't come out clearly and it did streak a little, but that was when I stamped. Actually I cheated a little, bf did the stamping, because he is a natural!

Gonna try and post some more of my art. It's not the best, but it's mine :D