Monday, 26 January 2015

Fishnet stockings

I have a real short post for today, I've been meaning to do a post over the weekend, but we had some friends over on Saturday and I was called in to work on Sunday. I would have worked Saturday too, but I put my foot down and said no. I would have been an absolute train wreck if I did!

Anyway, I was wearing this mani over the weekend. I think I finally have a handle on my stamping. It's not 100% yet, but I'm working on it.
I started with my base and did french tips with Tip Top Black Forest. Once that was dry I stamped with Charlie (Revlon) Sexy Samba, it's a black polish I bought years ago... Now I use it for art and stamping as Black Forest is too sheer. I used the top left image on BPS M79 plate. I added some glitter to the mix, just placing it on the bigger dots. Top coated and Voila!

It really reminds me of fishnet stockings. My colleagues looooved this mani, they even want to grow their nails now for me to do this for them!

I also have another mani I wanna share with you. (Okay this post may be longer than what I thought.) BF's colleague asked him about two or three weeks ago, if I would do his wife's nails. I said I would, as it's practice for me and I get to try out some new techniques (yeah right), or that's the case with my mother.

This picture was taken by the Colleague. From what I understand he does part time photography. Very nice. I used Tip Top Gold Mine, Black Forest and Indulgence.

Let me know what you think. Does my mani remind you of fishnet stockings or am I crazy? And what to you think of the guest mani?

Monday, 19 January 2015

Galaxy nails

Okay, yea, so the title gives it away. But I had to. I tried out a new polish today, Parental Advisory Polish's Fuck Me Boots. Like OMG this polish is amazing, it's black with loads of gorgeous shimmer. It's beautiful! I think this is what you would call a holographic polish. This is two coats.
Here it is in direct sunlight.
Freak out!! It dries fast, there is some bubbling on my pinky, but I think that was totally me. So as I said the title of the post gives it away, I thought this polish would be the perfect base for galaxy art.
So I absolutely love it. I randomly sponged on Tip Top Lady Lilla, Broken Soul, Moonshine, Milkyway and Parental Advisory Polish's Happy Ending. I also added some random dots with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Then I added some glow in the dark star decals from BPS on my index and ring fingers, the rest got a coat of Essence Special Effect Topper 101 Dalmations.
I'd love to hear your opinion... So drop me line and let me know.

P.S. I updated my stash list. So pop over and have a look at that too.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Sea me now

I just have a short post for today. I normally would have been off tomorrow, but with our shift changes, I'm now working and won't really have time.

My mani from the weekend started chipping today, so I was going to go "naked", but I decided to do a swatch. Normally I don't really do these as I can never make up my mind about what colour to use. I decided to do one of the new Tip Top colours.

This is two coats of Sea (not sure if it's sea or see as the labels says both) Me Now.
I added some nail stickers to the mani and obviously a top coat.

Very plain, but still pretty, right? And don't you just love this colour?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Betrayed and Grape Dance

I'm going to start this post of with a bit of a ramble, so if you don't wanna read it. Just scroll down to the bottom, as I do have some nail art I want to show you.

Our clinic hours have changed since the first of Jan, now due to this our working hours had to change as well, since we have to work a certain amount of hours. Now I have a a good relationship with our HOD and she tells me things that she wouldn't normally tell the other staff. I'm also her most reliable receptionist, I stand in for any one and any time. If somebody calls in sick and she needs someone, she calls me. And I'm always available. So in November I worked about 24 hours overtime, yip, 24 hours. And then they still short paid me on it. When I queried it and when she got back to me, it was because I owed the company hours and they deducted those hours from my approved overtime hours. So naturally I was pissed off, I said the her if that is going to be the case I'm not going to work overtime again. Why would I work overtime and there's no guarantee that I would get paid for it? I mean I've been a kippie for her, but this is really pushing it.

My dad brought me some paperwork to complete last year, to apply for positions that was available by him for admin work. I completed it, not thinking much and not hoping for any more than that. So on Wednesday I got a call, I need to go for fingerprints, obviously to check for a criminal background. When I got to work my HOD called me to her office and asked me why didn't I tell her about me applying for another job. And if I got it, would I take it. Skipping that conversation, I assumed they called for a reference. Thursday morning my dad calls me and says to me, that when they called for the reference, she was rude to them and she said she doesn't have time for it. So I asked one of the doctors as I needed that ASAP.

I feel betrayed by this, some of my colleagues have said this is a slap in the face, considering all I have done for her and for her to do that to me... What has she not done to some of the other receptionists that have left? I have asked my dad to find out if she ever did do that reference, because if she hasn't done it... I am going to report her, as this is my future she's jeopardising. Besides all this she still has the nerve to ask me to stay till next year as she has earmarked me for another position. And when I asked what it may be, she told me it would be hers. Now I do not want hers as I don't want the shit she has to put up with.

Okay enough rambling. Here's the art. I started with two coats of Tip Top Grape Dance on my pinky, middle and thumb. Grape Dance is a purple jelly or at least it seems jellyish to me. On my ring and index fingers I did one careful coat of Sinful Colors Snow me White. Used some striping tape and one of my new dotting tools, went to town on my index fingers with some dots and lines on my ring fingers.
When that was dry I added some pretty flower decals from BPS.
So what do you guys think?

Monday, 5 January 2015

Speck-tacular watermarble

Man, what a day. We have been so busy since this festive season started and we are still overwhelmed by the amount of people coming to see the doctors. To the point where all our doctors are fully booked and even a day in advance, it's crazy!

Anyway as I mentioned previously I managed to pick up some of the new polishes from Tip Top. Michelle did some swatches and thumbs up to Michelle. I had Sparkle Queen as my NYE mani and when I removed it, it took looong. Even using the foil method. Michelle swatched them all! Amazing.
I did my current mani on Saturday and I actually enjoyed it, because for once my water marble didn't turn out too badly.

I started with my new base coat from Omega, one coat of Sinful Colors Snow me White on my index fingers, two coats of Tip Top Speck-tacular on my thumb, middle and pinky. On my ring finger I did three coats of Tip Top It's Lime Time. Two would have been enough, but it seemed a bit patchy and the third coat evened it out nicely.
For the marble I used It's LimeTime, Blueberry Pie and Zero to Hero, all from Tip Top and all new colours. I added some decals from BPS.
And I obviously have to share the marble on my other index finger as well, since they don't look the same.
So what do you think?

And as some of you might have noticed, I'm using a new watermark. What do you think? Should I stick to the old one? Or do you like this one better?