Monday, 5 January 2015

Speck-tacular watermarble

Man, what a day. We have been so busy since this festive season started and we are still overwhelmed by the amount of people coming to see the doctors. To the point where all our doctors are fully booked and even a day in advance, it's crazy!

Anyway as I mentioned previously I managed to pick up some of the new polishes from Tip Top. Michelle did some swatches and thumbs up to Michelle. I had Sparkle Queen as my NYE mani and when I removed it, it took looong. Even using the foil method. Michelle swatched them all! Amazing.
I did my current mani on Saturday and I actually enjoyed it, because for once my water marble didn't turn out too badly.

I started with my new base coat from Omega, one coat of Sinful Colors Snow me White on my index fingers, two coats of Tip Top Speck-tacular on my thumb, middle and pinky. On my ring finger I did three coats of Tip Top It's Lime Time. Two would have been enough, but it seemed a bit patchy and the third coat evened it out nicely.
For the marble I used It's LimeTime, Blueberry Pie and Zero to Hero, all from Tip Top and all new colours. I added some decals from BPS.
And I obviously have to share the marble on my other index finger as well, since they don't look the same.
So what do you think?

And as some of you might have noticed, I'm using a new watermark. What do you think? Should I stick to the old one? Or do you like this one better?

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