Wednesday, 31 December 2014


And so another year has come to an end... A lot of people has been saying they've had a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows. That's life though...

For me, I can't really think of anything that stands out. I've met some amazing new people, won some awesome competitions, been more active on my blog, hit 800 views within 10 days of hitting 700! You people are absolutely awesome. BF being in the car accident and having it being written off. But other than that though, I'm still here and still healthy, so what more do I need?

I have been thinking of doing a post with all the Christmas gifts I got, but I just decided to show the nail related items... So first on the list is... My brand new laptop from BF. I've been doing all my posting from work or from my phone, so finally I can do it from home!! Next is an Ulta3 advent calender that I got from BF's mom.
They are all minis, but still totally cool. Also, one of my colleagues got me a Clicks voucher, for me to use on nail polish. Awesome!

Anyway, I did do a mani for NYE, it's not much and I'm not too happy with it, but BF thinks it looks nice.

At the moment I'm using the treatment that I ordered from Omega as a base, trying to save the last of my MR. I also used one of the new polishes I got from Tip Top. It's called Sparkle Queen.
It's a black jelly filled with awesome big and small holo hexagons and glitter. To me it seems like Black Forest and Rocky Road had a love affair. And this is the illegitimate child they had. It is completely awesome though. I'm wearing two coats. Over that I attempted to stamp with Armourplate. I have a new stamper and I'm still getting used to it. It's very sticky... Any advice?
I got most of the image on my index finger, properly aligned too. The rest is just all wrong, although the longer I look at it, the nicer it seems. What more do you need for NYE? It's got black and glitter and silver. Seems perfectly right to me.

Well I hope everyone is safe out there tonight and you will see me in the New Year. Have a good one.

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