Tuesday, 16 December 2014

BF's accident

I wasn't planning on doing a post about this, but I feel I need to get it out of my system.

Yesterday morning at work BF calls me and tells me he was in a car accident. So naturally, I take it very well. Wanting to know the details, is he okay, where it happened, is the car in bad shape, what is he going to do now.

He assures me he's okay, but the car is banged up quite a bit. It will have to be towed and there's a hole in the drivers side door, making that it doesn't close.

So I'm still taking it quite well, I send my mother a message to let her know whats happened. But by now I've had time to think about this and I've gone rather quiet and I'm checking my phone often for any messages. My colleague noticed and asked if everything is okay, so I gave her some of the details.

Some time later I'm in my manager's office as she was telling me what happened over the weekend and my dad comes in and I totally lose it. I'm bawling my eyes out and my manager has no clue what's going on as I haven't had chance yet to tell her (actually quite funny looking back at it). So I'm explaining to my dad what happened and the reason why I'm freaking out, BF might have assured me he's okay but I haven't seen him. So I can't be sure. Anyway, so my dad calls him and asks him how he's doing and if he won't come home. Being a stubborn ass he says no (he didn't even know it was my dad!).

Anyway, my dad leaves and I go back to work. I'm trying not to think about it because everytime I do, I start tearing up again. And I hate feeling this way. My colleagues are noticing by now that something's up and they asking me wrong. Obviously I start bawling again because now I'm thinking about it. Again.

Eventually I've calmed down enough to be able to function properly and get through the day.

When I got home, my parents picked me up as I had to put their Christmas tree (ours isn't even out yet). They only took me home again after 8, so BF was home already. And was I happy to see him.

We talked about everything and he still joked (ass) if he had died I would maybe have cried a little bit and moved on. I was like, a little bit? He should have been at work this morning. And the ass laughed at me because he couldn't believe or understand why I would have been upset after he told me he was okay....



  1. Urgh! Men are so clueless sometimes! I'm so glad he didn't get hurt but sorry to hear about the car.
    Silly boys!

    1. Yip. It's going to be real difficult this festive season without it. And we haven't done any Christmas shopping yet :(


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