Monday, 21 September 2015

Hean nail polish #276 - Jungle Pop Collection

Ah man another Monday... Is it just me or could you do with more time too? I mean somehow I have to work, clean, do the washing, make food and find time to do my nails, spend time with BF, visit the parents and time to RELAX. And some people think that doing my nails and relaxing is over rated. That I could be doing any of the other above mentioned things. Honestly that's just giving me a headache. You work with the public the whole day and see if you up for the rest...
Anyway, today I have #276 from the Jungle Pop collection to show you. This is 3 coats. And it's green! I like green.
I had no idea what to do with this colour. So I decided to use some decals that I've been staring at for some time now.
I totally messed up with some of the decals... Stupid over here didn't remove the plastic cover before putting it in the water...
I made some dots on my index finger with Jungle Pop #281. I liked the flowers... It really went with this green. The decals is from BPS.
So do you have the same issue than what I do about time? Do you also need more? And what do you think of my flowers? Don't forget if you like this Hean you just need to pop over to Glamore Cosmetics to get it!!

Thanks for popping by.


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