Monday, 28 September 2015

Hean nail polish #278 - Jungle Pop Collection

Sorry for not posting last Thursday... I meant to, but it was a public holiday here in SA and I was trying to catch up on some sleep and nail stuff and other stuff. And I only remembered past 11 the evening I wanted to post. Aaaaand today is Monday again.
There's another Hean I want to show you today. This is two coats of #278. A beautiful electric blue.
As we've come to expect from Hean, super shiney and dries quick.
I top coated everything and once that was dry I used vinyls I got from We Heart Nail Art. I used heart swirl vinyls for this one and I used both the normal and the inverted vinyl.
The glitter polish I used is also from Glamore Cosmetics. It is Omega #324 or Golden Magenta. It's filled with magenta and gold glitter. I sponged it on and the coverage was great.
This is one of two Omega glitter polishes I got and I prefer this one. The other one was thick and gloopy. This one was much easier to work with.

Thanks for stopping by guys!

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