Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hean nail polish #281 - Jungle Pop Collection

I'm so glad it's almost weekend. Work has been a major pain, because of stoooopid people. Ugh, what's the point have doing something if you not going to do it properly?

Anyhoo, today I have another Hean from the Jungle Pop collection to show you. I only have two more to swatch, so I'm finally making a dent.
This is two coats of  #281. I'm normally a bit apprehensive of metallic colours because they normally seem so brush strokey. But with these Hean's so far, I had no problems at all.
I'm such a chop again too.... I realised as I'm doing this post I didn't mark the swatch with the bottle and therefor it's not uploaded and... Meh I'll add it later LoL
I'm doing simple nail art at the moment. Maybe, it's because I don't always feel very inspired when doing swatches. But at least I'm getting to show you these awesome polishes and my new vinyls!!! I topcoated everything and on my ring finger I used a star swirl vinyl from We Heart Nail Art and sponged on Tip Top Snow Capped which is a silver glitter. Peeled of the vinyl immediately after I was done and Viola!
I am super impressed by these vinyls. They are the high quality that you can expect from places like TwinkledT and Snailvinyls and the rest. And the best part is, this sheet has 30 vinyls! Yes, 30!! And if you like me, that hates wasting you will end up with 60, because you can use the inverted vinyl too! Only for R50.

So if you want #281, you can find Glamore Cosmetics here and I'm sure you want it. Really, you do. So go on and get it NOW, before they all gone!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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