Thursday, 12 December 2013


Working as a medical receptionist has its days, you get to know your patients. You either get to see them grow up (in the case of the kiddies) or you get to see them grow old (in the case of the old birds), the problem with the growing older part is the fact that they grow old so fast... The one day they come in with so much light and a spring in their step, but as time goes by the light fades and the spring becomes a limp, the limp becomes a crutch, the crutch becomes a wheel chair and after that you just don't see them again.

But with some of them, they just come in one day and the next they gone. We recently had a patient that passed away, recently as in yesterday morning. And the weird thing is, the patient was here on Sunday, I still spoke to him and according to my colleague he was here on Monday too. And suddenly he's not with us anymore... I'm sure he will be missed by his family and friends and in a way by us too.
So R.I.P Trevor Halladey

With this my question being, a patient came in on Sunday (when we charge after hour rates) and she said she's been putting off coming to the doctor for 5 months!! (SERIOUSLY??) When we informed her how much the consultation will be, she said that her health is more important...
Now maybe, just maybe I'm being stoooopid (yes I know you spell stupid this way, stooopid makes more sense). Your health is more important and yet you wait 5 months before you decide to consult with a doctor? I don't understand it, can someone please explain that to me? I'm a little confused...

We are available to see patients until 20:00. Although that's the time we wanna leave, so it's kinda unfair when people rock up at 5 mins to closing time and they have been sick the whole day... Or when they fell 3 months ago and now want to see a doctor. And yes that really has happened.

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