Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Guppie Episode

I'm sure everybody knows what a guppie is, I've added a picture for those of you who don't. Generally these fish are used as food for bigger fish-eating fish....

At the practice where I work we have two fishtanks that was looked after by a colleague's husband.... And along came somebody that thought he knows more, whisked them away, cleaned them, brought them back, planted pretty plants inbetween pretty stones and eventually after a month we got fish again!!

So the one tank had the previous lot of fish in, since I have no idea what they are I'll call them the Cannibals, and the other tank a lot of guppies. Personally my theory was, that the guppies would be food for when we get more Cannibals, but that was my theory. Last night at work, we all minding our own business and the next all we hear is rushing water... I took no note of it, to be quite honest the things I've heard here already, rushing water wasn't a suprise.

In hindsight, we should have been surprised, the one tank decided to pull apart at one corner. Fun Times!! Water all over the floor, people rushing about to stem the flow of water, others to get the water out of the tank and eventually the Cannibals. Not having any other choice, as we couldn't leave the fish in a bucket, we put them in with the guppies...

Lo and behold, when I started work today, there was NO more guppies. Personally I thought it was hilarious, guess this was my Don't Care attitude, but some people was rather upset and other were angry. I get the upset, okay maybe not, but I don't get the angry... Isn't that how nature works? Eat or be eaten?

But besides that, it's not like they were anyone's pet... They were just there for the entertainment of the patients and the annoying children (Yea, I'm not a fan of kids). It's not like anybody had a relationship with them, or named them... They were just there, but now they have been replaced by the CANNIBALS!!

That's so funny :)

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