Monday, 16 December 2013

Have you ever heard of the word AGNOSTIC??

I have this friend, well we've been working together for nearly 10 years and we've socialised outside of work, so yea, I guess friend. Anyway, she is very religious. Recently more so than at any other time. And she insists on wanting to convert me or something...

The thing is, I don't believe, nor do I disbelieve. Maybe there is a God, maybe there isn't. It has a lot to do with my I DON'T CARE attitude. You see, I think certain people (not all) use religion as a crutch. I personally see it as a guideline, but then again, I might be wrong about that. My opinion, right?

I recently watched a show where a group of people were asked what their religion is and the one person answered, he's an agnostic. I think I've heard the word before, but never really paid any attention to it, until now. So I used the trusty tool called Google:

And I was like, Hey! That's me. And with that I finally found a word for my beliefs. And I felt so much better about it. You see the thing is with this friend of mine, she keeps wanting to read passages from the bible to me, you know the ones that has meaning to her and in a way she sees me in those passages... And all the while she's reading this to me, I'm sitting there thinking to myself: I DON'T CARE!! The worst was when she called me an atheist in front of a whole waiting room of patients and colleagues. As far as I'm concerned, that has got absolutely nothing to do with anyone! I was extremely pissed off. I mean, how dare you do that to me. In front of such a lot of people and not even being discreet about it?

So, this post is for you...
Have you ever heard of the word AGNOSTIC??

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  1. To each there own.. no one is above any other person therefore has no right nor authority to judge and tell any person that their beliefs are wrong. SO be u and love it...


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