Monday, 4 July 2016

I love Hean: Neon Collection

It completely sucks when work interferes with my posting. I meant to finish this post last Thursday, but I had such a migraine that I had no energy to do it. I was also supposed to be off Friday, but most of my colleagues decided to be off sick. So who do they ask to staand in, because no one else is reliable? Anyway, rant over.

I'm doing things slightly different this time. Instead of showing you one swatch at a time, I'm showing you all of them and then I'll be doing a couple of posts with some nail art using the neons. Just a note, in all the swatches I'll be wearing a white base on my index and ring finger. The others won't have a base. So you can see the difference between the two.
First up, 890. This is three coats except on the fingers that has a base. Those are only two coats. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of yellow neons, they always require too many coats to be opaque. But it is fun to wear.
Next up, 891.
So it's no secret that green is my favourite colour and this one is no exception. But I was expecting a little more on this one. I was expecting something along the lines of I Love Hean 809 (swatch). Anyway, this is two coats all round.
Next, 892.
OMG this is so freaking orange, it hurts your eyeballs! Again two coats.
Next, 893.
I was slightly confused between this colour and the next... Is this one a coral or a salmon? Again two coats.
Next, 894.
So, salmon or coral? Again two coats.
And last up is 895.
Finally the pink has shown up. This is also two coats.
And that is the Neon collection for you... I would suggest using a white base for all of them, it just makes the colours pop more. What I have noticed is that these don't dry to that beautiful shiny finish all the other Hean's do. They dry to a semi matte finish, but from what I've seen on other blogs, that is the norm for neons. So the question is, do you need them? And the answer is, HELL YEAH. If you don't know by now, just click the Glamore Cosmetics banner or the link and it will take you to their shop.

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  1. Hehe, to me both of the orangey-pinky ones are corals, one just a bit lighter than the other ;)
    But coral or not, all colors look great, especially with a white base.


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