Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hean nail polish: City Fashion 10t (Black)

I decided to give scribbled nails another go... And I much prefer my previous try. I had a very sheer metallic looking pink that I thought would look rather cool over black. But alas, not as cool as I thought.
This is two coats of City Fashion 10t (the opposite of 0t)(and really, call it black already).
There isn't much to say about blacks are there? It's black, what more do you need?
I used City Fashion 24 for the scribbled detail. I waited for the decals to dry, stuck them on while my base was slightly tacky and top coated. Sometimes if my base is too dry, I then just add a couple of dry brush strokes with a clear polish. Just so there's something for the decal to stick to.
I decided to mattify it and I can't decide which one I like better. It kinda looks like granite... What do you think? Shine or matte?
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I agree, definitely matte! This is such a cool technique. I really have to remember it when I'm trying to come up with an idea for a new manicure.

    1. Ooooh with holo. Since you have a few of those.

  2. I say matte. But I AM a little matte obsessed at the moment. I'll comment again in a few months. LOL. But I think they both look great. I LOVE this technique. I'll have to try it some time. Looks so cool. And the design possibilities are endless, right?


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