Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Sunset nails revisited

Who else just looks at some polishes together and have a bit of a light bulb moment? The polishes that I still need to swatch is all standing on my table, neatly in a row, and four of them just caught my eye. I knew I had to do sunset nails again. I showed you this mani in one of my previous posts. I started with a white base. This is two coats of City Fashion 0t. (Like really? Just call it white already.)
It's not bad as far as whites go. Dries very quickly, so I would suggest working quickly, otherwise you'll end up with bald spots. I do actually like this white, I normally use SC Snow me White, but this one isn't as stark. So I'll probably be reaching for this one more often.
I painted some simply peel around my nails and then I got my sponge ready and used City Fashion 197 at my cuticle, 190, 178 and 171 at the tip. Dab Dab Dabbed a couple of times. And voila. I love love how this turned out. Almost seems moody, but fun at the same time.
I added my palm trees and made sure to float my top coat as these decals are quite flimsy and it's almost like they melt if you brush over them too often.
What do you think of my revisited Sunset nails? You can find my first one here. Which one do you prefer? And to get any of these polishes just click on the Glamore Cosmetics banner.
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  1. Love them! Love them! Love them! Oh, and did I mention that I love them? And you may not have noticed it but I love them! Yep, LOVE THEM!


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