Monday, 6 June 2016

Hean Disco Fluo Coat

There's one benefit for me being at work on a weekend, free WiFi... So I was catching up on watching YouTube and one video that I ended up with is Christine from SimplyNailogical's Get Glow Nails. You can watch it here.

Anyway, I was asked to try out this Hean Disco Fluo Coat from Glamore Cosmetics.
Image sourced from the internets.
According to the catalogue this is the description:
This fluorescent UV nail polish has nail whitening properties. In the daylight it restores the shine to discoloured and lifeless nails. In the dark it reflects UV light, providing a fluorescent effect.

So I was such a chop in not taking pictures in daylight with nothing but this, buuuut I always wear polish. So this is the mani I was wearing with this top coat.
I'll share this mani eventually, I promise. I painted one coat on middle finger and made random dots on my other fingers as I wasn't sure how it would look. The UV light picures wasn't taken in my normal setup, it was taken at work with the UV light the use on bank notes. I wish I had Christine's setup. Seriously.
It looks so cool! This would look awesome in a club.
I'd like to try stamping with it and see what it looks like then.

What do you guys think? While searching for a picture for the bottle shot, I didn't find any reviews or such on this... Guess it's not a big thing, but with Christine's video it will become HUGE. Oh anyone wanna send me a proper light box and a UV lamp? I'd love it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Love, love, love, love this mani Juanita!!!! My fave from you so far.

  2. Ha, this would be perfect for a rave! So cool.

  3. GitD looks fun, but I'm too old for raves ;)
    Your manicure however... it looks awesome!!

    1. Haha I've never been to one. So I guess I've been too old my whole life :D


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