Friday, 27 January 2017

Friday Triad: Inspired by...

We finally decided on a post name!! So here is the first Friday Triad of the year! It was my turn to choose, so I chose this mani done by Thea over at Madness Nails! I really hope she'll find it in herself to start blogging again one day, because I looooooove her posts. They so funny and quirky and keeps making you go back for more. I wish I had her way with words.

Anyway, so of course I started with one coat of Sinful Colors snow me white on all my nails. Then While that was drying I went one on one with a makeup sponge and tore it to pieces. Aaaand then nothing, since I had to chose the colours I was going to use and I was drawing a blank... Guess that's the downside of owning such a lot of polishes. Too spoilt for choice. BF wasn't much help as I asked him, but eventually I settled on the 5 polishes I would use.
Essence - love is in the air - yellow
Essence - beijos de brazil - green
Orly - 2hr lunch - pink
Color Club - ms socialite - purple
Sinful Colors - rise and shine - teal
Topped with Parental Advisory Polish - happy ending.
I did one colour at a time and sponged it on my nail using the pieces of sponge. Once all of that was kinda dry I used some dotting tools and snow me white to make the dots and top coated.
I wish I could have taken a better picture that shows off the flakiness of happy ending. Even with the flash it doesn't do it any justice.
What do you think? There was quite a few inspirations using this look. I was a bit meh about it, but it quickly grew on me especially with all the compliments I got!! Although it's a little awkward trying to explain to someone how to do it and people requesting to take pictures of it!!

Thanks for reading guys and I look forward to Joyce's choice for next month. Nevermind seeing what they came up with for this!


  1. Flip you nailed it!! I love how it came out. Isn't it the best when you get tons of compliments on you nails, especially when you weren't so sure about it to begin with. :D

    1. It's totally the best... The picture taking was a little weird though.

  2. This looks great!! And I love that top coat you used :)


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