Tuesday, 17 January 2017

#52weeknailchallenge: watermarble

Here we are with week 3 and its watermarble. Whoever thought that watermarbling should be a thing needs to be shot and hung and then shot again. I have probably done two successful watermarbles. If you count the one I waited for it to get dry first. So I was kinda worried about this week... I even asked if waterspotting would count instead of marbling, thank goodness it did. I was also thinking of vinyls... And then I saw this tutorial by @clairestelle8 and I had to be a bad person and copy it.

I started with a base of SC snow me white on all my nails and instead of doing a gradient I did a saran wrap. I wanted to do a gradient, but I was a bit time strapped and I don't really have neons that would have been opaque enough.
I love Hean - 890 - yellow from the neon collection
I love Hean - 892 - orange from the neon collection
I love Hean - 895 - pink from the neon collection
I love Hean - 809 - green
Tip Top - cyan can can - blue
Tip Top - grape dance - purple
While that was drying I laid down my marbled vinyls from becauseishop on my simply neat miracle mat. Grabbed Essence black is back, painted a coat over the vinyl and then a coat of Starrily magic rainbow over that. Peeled the vinyl off while the polish was still wet. I waited for that to dry slightly and then painted a coat of Essence absolute pure over that. Then the waiting game started as I had to wait for that to dry.
Once it was completely dry I peeled it off, fitted it to my nail and top coated. Of course there had to be a flash shot to show case the holo!!
So what do you think of my watermarble?

Thanks for reading!


  1. AWESOME!!!! That looks so cool! Definitely going to try this myself :)

    1. You realise you gonna need vinyls for it? :p


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