Friday, 6 January 2017

Cherry Blossom Store: Broken glass stencil review

I have another review for you guys today. This is the broken glass stencil from Cherry Blossom and you can find it here. This one was easier to work with than the others, it was easier to peel and it did stick to my nail better than the very first ones I tried. It was a little funny when I peeled it the first time and I was holding the border only...
I started with two coats of Tip Top in the navy on my thumb and pinky. For my index, middle and ring finger I painted two coats of O.P.I next stop... the bikini zone. I didn't bother with it being too opaque as I was going to cover a bit of it.
I then did a gradient with Tip Top in the navy and purple reign. You can't really notice the colour shift, but it is there. I guess I should have maybe used a different purple... Or even lighter colours. Too late now!!
As I said these were much easier to work with. There was some picking, but not as much as the previous ones and there was no lifting. What do you think? Also on a side note, I am getting me a light tent sometime this month!! Any tips?

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  1. These are so pretty! The gradient is subtle but I can still see it and you know how much I love subtle ;)


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