Monday, 24 August 2015

Mediterranean animal

One day the lovely lady from We Heart Nailart posted a manicure on Instagram using a Barry M nail polish. Now I've seen many UK bloggers using it and I've always kinda lusted after one. I like having unique polishes that's not obtainable here in SA. So I asked if she would be bringing some of those back with her from her trip to the UK for the online store. The answer was sadly no, but she did mail me later that day and offered to bring me one back as a gift and to try it out. Man was I excited!! I literally jumped up and down in my chair.

Anyway, not only did I get one... I got two!! How freaking awesome is that?? The first one I wanna show you is Mediterranean, I believe it's from the Aqua range or something like that.
It's a beautiful duochrome, which complete dazzled me. It was like wearing a multitude of colours on my nails. It shifted between a rosey shimmer, bronze and gold. I couldn't keep my eyes off it!
I started with two coats of Mediterranean on my thumb, middle finger and pinky. On my index and ring is one coat of SC Snow me White.
I stamped with Mediterranean on my index and ring finger using BP-L006. On my middle finger I used my essence stampy polish in white.
I couldn't stop staring at this polish. It's really wow. I can't believe how lucky I was getting it. Thank you so so much Shann.

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