Monday, 17 August 2015

I love Hean #466

I have another beautiful Hean polish to show you guys today. When I saw Michelle and Sam using this polish I knew I had to get me one of them... But Gael didn't have anymore! But she said she might be able to sort something out for me. And am I glad she was able to.
Just look at it! This is two coats of beauty. I seriously can't get over how pretty this colour is.
I did a french mani on my ring finger and then stamped a lacey design from BP-L020.
I was hoping that it would stamp a bit darker than what it did, but I like how subtle it looked. On my index finger I stamped the same design with Tip Top Armourplate.
If you want this polish, I suppose you could contact Gael and ask her to organise one for you. I'm kinda sure she'll be happy to oblige. If for that matter they haven't ordered more already.
Don't forget to pop over to Glamore Cosmetics. And you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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