Monday, 10 August 2015

I love Hean collection #424

Happy Public Holiday to my South African peeps! LoL It was Woman's day yesterday and I was lucky enough to lounge about, but today I'm not that fortunate... Work beckoned today and I'm totally not impressed. Anyway, on to the real beaut I have to show today.

Occasionally a polish comes your way that just knocks your socks off. And this is one of those polishes. Today I have #424 from the I love Hean collection to show you. Michelle swatched it here, so you can go and have a gander at her awesomeness.
I feel that I have to mention that Michelle takes her pictures in a lightbox, where I rely on natural light. Anyway, this is two coats of beauty.
The reason why I mentioned Michelle's swatch is because I feel like I copied her design a bit. Let me show you what I mean.
I used decals I got from BPS.
Another tidbit that I think I should mention, I did this mani on a Sunday afternoon and took it off the Wednesday, only because I wanted to do my nails the Thursday morning as I started work later. And I'm pretty sure I could have worn this mani for another couple of days.
I had minimum tip wear and that's it. It looked good for just over 3 days wear. And I did wear it, filing and typing and hair washing and just life in general.

What is your opinion of #424? Pop over to Glamore Cosmetics if you think it's the beauty I think it is and get it now!

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