Friday, 21 August 2015

Hean nail polish #273 - Jungle Pop Collection

HOLO bitches!! I have one of the new Hean's to show you today. I cannot tell you how excited we were for this collection to reach South Africa. I was on the edge of my seat the whole day I was expecting the delivery. And since Gael kept sharing these random pics of awesome, how could we resist?

I decided to start with #273. It's a beautiful light brown HOLO!!!!! And who is with me on how difficult it is to decide on nail art over holo's? Because who wants to cover up that beautiful rainbow of colour?
I started with two coats, but if I used a thicker coat it would have covered in one! It went on easily and dried quickly.
And the holo, OMG it's stunning!!
With flash, indoor
I hate covering up holo's with nail art, I really do, but I can't not do art.... So I decided to stamp coffee beans, as this colour weirdly enough made me think of coffee.
I used Sorbet's Chic Me Baby (thanks Michelle, this was an awesome buy) and BP-L023 for the beans. For the cup of coffee I used my Essence stampy polishes in black and white and Hean #274 to make a decal. Hean #274 is also a sneak peek at one of the other HOLO polishes from this collection.
If you want this polish or need it, go to Glamore Cosmetics and get it before they run out! Seriously!! You can also find them on FaceBook and Instagram.

One last picture to show you the awesomeness in full sunshine! (go get it now!)

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