Friday, 14 August 2015

Hean City Fashion #174

I have another new Hean to show you today. This one is from the City Fashion range. #174 is a dusty baby blue. And when I say dusty, I mean, close up it actually looks like this polish has little grey particles in it! It's really a beautiful colour.
This builds up nicely in two coats. And from what we came to expect from the Hean polishes, dries quickly.
I got my new stamping plates on the same day I got this polish and the one plate had "love birds" on a line. And I really wanted to use the stamp.
Since I knew there was no way I'd be able to line up the stamp properly I decided to rather make a decal for my middle finger. I used a black stampy polish I got from BPS and plate BP58. On my index finger I stamped with Tip Top Red Rendevouz and a different image from BP58.
On my ring finger I used Tip Top Gold Mine and BP-L019. I love the cages on this plate and for some reason the phrase "gilded cage" kept coming to mind.
This was another mani people kept noticing. Not that I mind...

If you like this dusty blue, then pop over to Glamore Cosmetics and get one before there's none left.


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