Thursday, 4 June 2015

#PPSAnailchallenge: Red

I'm seriously loving our weather at the moment. It's been raining for the past two days, it's cold and miserable and I love it!! The only problem I have, is that it's wreaking havoc with my pics! I don't have a lightbox, so I just take my pics by the window, but with it being overcast all the time they don't look too great...

Anyway, on to the second post for the PPSA nail challenge. Red, just red, how difficult can that be? I actually had a different idea in mind for this one, but I'll show you that one some other time... Like later in the challenge!

BF went to a Gaming Expo in Town over the weekend and was so sweet to bring something back for me.
Hehe just a small canvas and it looks awesome. And somehow this ended up being the inspiration for this prompt. So, I started with two coats of Tip Top Cherries on my thumb, middle finger and pinky. On my index and ring finger I have one coat of SC Snow me White.
The drips on my index and splatter on my ring is from plate BP-L004, I stamped using Cherries in the Snow. To make the splatter look a bit more faded I painted two coats of Tip Top Perfect Look. Once that was dry, I top coated everything.
Like really? Seche smeared my drips!! I haven't been feeling great this week, so I was not in the mood to redo it. Not that I would have anyway! Hahaha The skull is from plate BP-L006. I left it on the stamper to tape off the cross bones and then stamped it. I kinda like it. Some have mentioned to me that the skull isn't super obvious and that I should have done it differently, but hey, I'd like to see them try it.
Don't forget to check out the other ladies' work. Just click on the Inlinkz thingey-me-bob.

Oh and here is the prompts again if you wanna follow or join.


  1. Ooooh... DANGEROUS Red!!

    Love it!

  2. Ohmigosh I LOVE this mani!! No, seriously. It's amazing. I wish I had done this mani!!

    1. Ah you have me at a total loss of words. Thank you so much.

  3. Beautiful manicure, It suits the inspiration perfectly and I love the skull :)

    1. Hehe thanks I'm just glad the inspiration came when it did.


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