Sunday, 31 May 2015

#PPSAnailchallenge: Unicorn

Hey peoples!! So today marks the start of something awesome... Today is the start of a nail challenge by a Facebook group that I'm part of, Polished Pretties South Africa. See the badge? On the right over there... It's so coooool.
Here's the prompt if you want to follow. As you can see, two posts a week. I've already figured out that unicorn and pink was chosen by Michelle, because duh! That's her obsession. Anyway, on to the first one...

I started with 2 coats of OPI Eurso Euro, which was a gift from BF for my bday.
I was slightly stressed about this one, because I had no idea how I was going to do unicorn and was so happy when I found that I had a stamping plate with a unicorn. I used plate BP-41 and Tip Top Armourplate on my middlefinger.
The stars is on plate BP L-006, I also used Armourplate for that. On my thumb and pinky is one coat of SC Charmed.
I love how it all came together. The moon with the unicorn and the stars... And the glitter, so pretty. This is one of those mani's I kept looking at...
What do you think? I think I nailed it, but of course there's more to see. So check out the other ladies' work by clicking on the Inlinkz thingy-me-bob.


  1. LOL you are so clever!! :P
    Fantastic unicorn!! How clever are you to look for stamping plates first! Only after I did mine did I see all the unicorn stamps I have!!
    Love it!!
    (PS don't forget to add your own link to the InLinkz - Shout if you need someone to do it for you!)

    1. How did you not think of stamping first? Freehanding unicorn.... Hells no.


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