Thursday, 21 May 2015

Twinsie post with Michelle: Waterfall nails aka watermelon nails

Man, it's been a crazy week. Thank goodness it's almost over...

Today I have another twinsie post with Michelle. I don't know about her but I enjoyed the previous one, so here we are again. :D We decided on waterfall nails this time round with the colour scheme of green and pink.

I also have a new Hean polish to show today. This is 3 coats of #809, from the I Love Hean collection.
You can get away with 2 coats, but I felt I needed 3. And OMG!! I love this green, it's awesome! Super shiny and dries in no time at all.

Okay, back to the post... I saw this mani done by the Nailasaurus and I wanted to do something similar. So I started with 3 coats of #809 on my thumb and pinky, 2 coats of Hean Ordinary Misfit on my middle and one coat of SC Snow me White on my ring and index. That would be the base of my gradient. For the gradient I used #809 and Ordinary Misfit.
Soooo pretty! Could have stopped here, but we chose waterfall so I had to continue. For my "waterfall" I used TT Sexy Bikini, Nubar Conserve, Colours by Llarowe Gemini Rising and obviously Hean #809 and Ordinary Misfit.
The first thing that came to mind when I was finished was, "it looks like a watermelon". And I think I got slightly carried away, because when I was done, you couldn't see the gradient. But I was having so much fun!!
For some reason, when I showed BF he thought "witch doctor"... Like huh? What? Where? He thought it was orange... Yeah, I was confused too.
So naturally, what do you think? And don't forget to pop over to Michelle to check out what she did. Aaaaand if you like #809 as much as I do, don't forget to go to Glamore Cosmetics to get it.


  1. This is SOOOOo gorgeous! You absolutely nailed it! Also, epic choice of colours! ;) :P

    1. Hehehe I had to use ordinary misfit and I claimed #809 as my own, so I had to use that one too.


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