Thursday, 25 June 2015

#PPSAnailchallenge: Your favourite Villain

I am so happy it's almost weekend, you won't believe. I've had the crappiest week and I can't wait for it to end!

This prompt is the one I was dreading the most. I mean whoever thought of this one should actually just have their picture up. Because, You Are EVIL.

This one had me stumped. BF was even trying to be helpful and pointed at his rather annoyingly big PS3 and PS4 game collection and was like "Pick one and draw it." And I'm like, Dude, I CAN'T DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE. So not helping.

I eventually did pick something, but it might require some explaining. Glitter.
I mean we all LOVE glitter. It's so pretty and shiny and oooooh. But man, what a SOB to take off. Even with the foil method there's always some piece that is securely stuck on and won't budge

So I'm pretty sure we shy away from wearing glitter, because I do. Therefor glitter is my favourite villain.
I had to sponge the glitter on as it wasn't very dense. From thumb to pinky, I sponged on Pot of Gold, Disco Fever, Over the Rainbow, New Years Eve and Luck of the Irish from Ulta3. This was from the advent calender BF's mom got me for Christmas last year.
Such a lot of people commented on this. It was actually quite strange.

So does my interpretation of my favourite villain makes sense? I hope it does. Maybe the other ladies' work will make more sense, so don't forget to have a look.


  1. Totes makes sense and I feel you! Sometimes when I foil off, the undies I was wearing stains my nail. Sherbet Angel did that to me and it isn't even a stainer! My nails were orange when I took off the foil!


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