Monday, 22 June 2015

#PPSAnailchallenge: Go wild with Dots

I  am really loving being part of the PPSA nail challenge, it's fun to see the different interpretations of the various prompts. However, I am missing posting my own posts. You know the ones that aren't challenge related. I have two posts that's been sitting in drafts for about a month now. I have gotten into the routine of posting on Mondays and Thursdays. And since I'm not always able to do my nails, I at least want to have a back up post in case I couldn't get to it. Hence, me not posting more often... But soon, you shall see the "older" art. For now, here is Dots...

I was actually very excited about this one, once I had figured out what I wanted to do. Michelle did this pond manicure last year and ever since then I've been wanting to do my own... And it's taken me this long to finally do it.
I started with one coat of Tip Top Perfect Look (similar to Cream Puff). Once that was dry, I went "wild" with my dots. I can't quite remember what colours went on the first or second coat of Perfect Look.
For the dots I used the Tip Top Neon range. Salsa Pop (orange), Walking on Sunshine (yellow), As the Beat Grows on (green), Cyan Can Can (blue), Grape Dance (purple) and Sexy Bikini (pink).
I do remember that I had painted 3 coats of Perfect Look by the time I was done and that Walking on Sunshine was on the last coat.
I totally loved how this turned out! It looked so edible! Like the Milkybar with Jelly Tots in it. Haha and I don't even like Milkybar.

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