Thursday, 11 June 2015

#PPSAnailchallenge: Pink

I am at a total loss of words at the moment... Do I mention the weather? Because it's freaking cold! Or do I just jump straight to the second prompt for this week? Ah, let's just jump.

This week's second prompt is pink. Thanks Michelle! Pink? How, what, WHY?! I'm not really a pink person... I know, shock and horror, right? I had a couple of ideas for this one, but obviously, which idea do I choose that I won't totally suck at.

So, as always, I took the easy way out. LoL, no not really, but this was very easy. I started with two coats of Tip Top Toasted Nuts on all my fingers, except my ring finger. My ring finger is sporting two coats of Tip Top Sexy Bikini.
Just look at that pink! Sooo pretty.... Yes, just because I'm not a fan of pink doesn't mean I can't appreciate a pretty polish. And it's all about the polish anyway.

I then added some neon splatter decals to my thumb, index and middle finger. You can find the decals here, it's a big sheet with different designs.
The only problem I had, is that there was only 6 pink splatters. Why only 6? And why 6? I have 5 fingers... Anyway, that's why my pinky has a different decal than the rest.
So, what do you think of my not so pink mani? Do check out what the other ladies did... I'm sure Michelle is going to nail it. Actually, she better, she chose it. Check out the other ladies' mani's.

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  1. I never thought to combine beige/light caramel/whatever that color is called with pink, but it looks great! (and I personally like that your pinky is different :)

    1. LoL you haven't. Now go try it. I wanna see :) And thanks.


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