Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Naked Nails

Those of you that's been following me for a while might remember that I had a rough patch, where my nails were breaking one by one and I ended up with stompies for a while. I did a post here where I thanked some people for being amazing and being there for me and complained about my nails a bit.

Anyway, Sam suggested that I get a product called Ultimate Growth 2 from Glamore Cosmetics, saying it might work for me. I'm honestly very sceptical about things like this, just because it worked for you, doesn't always mean it will work for me.

Since I have very nosey nail friends and I've been asked to share my progress, this is for them.

My before picture was taken 26/12/14. As you can see there's some crazy peeling going on and it was right on that lines that my nails broke.
I then took a follow up pictures 19/01/15. There is still some peeling, but not as much as there was when I started.
Follow up pictures 07/02/15. Like wow, you can barely see the peeling. The condition of my nails did improve a lot.

And now, this picture was taken 28/02/15. My nails look healthy, I love the length and the shape. I did lose the corner off my index finger on my right hand after I took the picture, but it's not noticeable and I don't have to change my length at all.
In my first week of treatment, I wore only the Ultimate Growth adding a coat every day. After the first week I used it as a base coat for all my art and if I didn't have any polish on I added a coat of treatment every day. During this I still used my Tip Top cuticle oil and used a sugar scrub to exfoliate once a week. When I did any kind of cleaning involving water I had gloves on. Water truly is your nails worst enemy.

So, be the judge for yourself and try Ultimate Growth 2, which you can buy from Glamore Cosmetics for R150.

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