Sunday, 15 March 2015

Inspired Recreation: Rebecca at Lane's Lacquers

As I've mentioned previously Rebecca at Lane's Lacquers is one of the bloggers I follow and she recently did this post. And I had this urge to recreate it.

After some back and forth between myself and Michelle, I finally decided on a colour scheme.
From left to right (from thumb to pinky), In the Navy, Turbulence, Boogy Wonderland, Purple Reign and Purple Panic, all Tip Top polishes. The concern when looking at these in the bottle, is that they might be possible dupes. But on the nail there is a difference, even if it is a subtle one.

I waited for each of these amazing colours to dry, taped off a section and painted it white, using SC Snow me White.
When the white was dry I taped off the colour part and stamped using the straight hounds tooth design off plate BP L-006, using Tip Top Moonshine.
This was another topic of discussion. Stamping with black like Rebecca did or not. I opted for a lighter colour, as my colours was quite dark already and I was happy with doing something subtle. So was Michelle. :)
The other problem I had was for some reason I couldn't pick up a full image using my double ended BPS stamper. I had to use my essence stamper. I'm kinda seeing a trend here though, my BPS stamper picks up subtle lines much easier than big images. It's a theory that I will have to put to test.

As usual let me know what you think, love it, hate it, let me know. What colour scheme would you have used?


  1. I really like the subtle differences between base colours!
    Beautiful houndstooth. : )

  2. Ahh I'm flattered, thanks so much! Love your colour combo and you did a great job :) x


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