Tuesday, 3 October 2017

#52weeknailchallenge: pink

And so week 40 rolls by and... Wait, WHAT?! Week 40? Surely someones mistaken, it can't be... Only 12 weeks left of this year? Time to go on leave.

So I actually remembered with this prompt that I don't have to only use pink... And I had this bright pink sitting on my table begging me to use it... I actually have a swatch of this one for you.
This is two coats of Nubar hollywood pink. Its actually a one coater but you know how us nail artists are, it's two coats all the way.
I can't get over how stunning this polish is and with Nubar polishes being a bit of a hit and miss.... I'm so glad I snagged it. I also managed to get my hands on OPI dining al frisco for a steal at R20 (which is about $1.50). I decided to use them together with some decals I got recently.
I laid the decals on my mat and used dining al frisco to colour in the roses and Hean City Fashion 200 for the leaves. Once it was semi dry I painted a coat of clear polish over it and waited for it to dry. I then used my clear stamper to place it on my nails.
Top coated and then when I was taking my pictures I realised that the decals kinda melted... It's not super obvious, but it happened. Now it kinda looks like I didn't paint inside the lines!
What do you think? I feel like I should have painted a coat of clear polish on my mat before the decal, maybe it didn't like Seche. Or Seche didn't like it. That is a theory I'll test...

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  1. Pretty!!!!! That Nubar is gorgeous and personally I don't mind the 'melted decal' effect at all. It makes your design look a bit sketched, if that makes any sense.


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