Monday, 27 April 2015

Broken Tempation

Happy Holiday! I wish I could say I'm having a really nice long weekend, but I've been working the whole weekend and I'm only off next weekend and only from Saturday.

Anyway, today I have another untried Omega polish to show you. This one is #379 or Temptation.
Temptation is a vampy red polish with subtle shimmer. Two coats for opacity. Formula wise, I'm not sure, I was constantly flooding my cuticles with this one. Either it was too thin or I was just having a bad day, considering that I didn't have the same problem with Stormy Weather.
For my ring finger I made a stamping decal from plate BP-L002, using a random area on the plate. I used my black stampy polish and coloured in the blanks with Tip Top Sherbet Angel, Broken Soul and Melting Marshmellows.
Once it was dry, I just lifted it off my stamper, fitted it to my nail, topcoated and Voila!
Temptation is really a very nice colour and I will be using it again. What I'd like to do is marble with it and Stormy Weather, but only once I have an easier way to do clean up. What do you think?
I think these polishes is still available from Glamore Cosmetics, so go check it out.

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