Saturday, 7 February 2015

Llarowe winner

I haven't mentioned this on the blog before or at least not that I can remember....

But back in August last year, early one Saturday morning (before 6am, early) I got an email from a lady named Sheila telling me that I had won a $500 Visa Gift Card from Llarowe. They had this competition on their FaceBook page for getting 1 million likes. I read the rules, luckily there was some international prizes available and I took a chance.

Instead of getting the actual Visa Gift card, we opted to pay the money into my PayPal account. Which was awesome!!

Naturally I had to buy me some nail goodies!! And a lot of it. And I bought BF something too. This post is to show what I bought with the prize money. And it's in the order I received it. Obviously this took forever and a day with the postal strike that we had at that time. So some of these packages took months to eventually reach me. So obviously this post has been a draft for forever and a day too. So I'm am super stoked to finally share this!!

Firstly, the gift I bought BF. A robot from Portal.
Yea, BF is a real nerd sometimes. Although he claims he isn't.... This connects via USB to a pc and is motion sensitive. I've posted two videos to Instagram if you want to have a look. When it's activated it says some of the things the real ones do in the game.

Next I got me some Mont Bleu Crystal Glass nail files. I've been hunting for a decent glass nail file for a while and when I saw it, I think, on Lucy's Stash, I decided to take the plunge and buy it. I got two sets, one of which I gave to my mother.
Now I just need to learn how to shape my nails properly myself, because I totally suck at it.

Then I finally received the package I ordered from BPS back in August I think. Dotting tools, nail art brushes, decals, new stamping sets, stamping plates, stamping plate holders and decals. Some rhinestones and the glitter that you use for glitter placement.
If you want a close up of anything, or if you want to know what stamping plates it is, just drop me a line and I'll happily send you some shots.

Next up, is a package from Parental Advisory Polish. I ordered this back in November because there was an awesome discount going as it was Maranda's birthday. When I got this box, I for the love of me couldn't think who it was from. Imagine my excitement when I opened it! (I actually got two packages on the same day, but I opened this one first.)
I ordered fuck me boots, happy ending, dirty pickle and tiff's tush. OMG don't you just love those names! And Maranda was so kind to throw in some metallic studs and french tip guides. I love it, as I don't have any metallic studs and the tip guides are the skinny ones, which I think works better for some art than the thicker ones. Of course my mother claimed one of my happy endings (sigh).

The other package was from BPS. Some awesome decals and a nail polish bottle holder. To keep it from sliding around, which is a problem for me. I ordered two glass nail files here too, but obviously I'm sticking to my Mont Bleu ones. My mother claimed one of these ones already, even with the set I gave her.
There was also this random little packet with the package, that I (again) for the love of me don't know where it came from. In this packet was a stamping plate, decals, silver hexagon glitter, 3D flowers and loads of rhinestones. BF was like, I probably got some one else's order too. I actually think that when I placed this order BPS had a thing going that if you spent over a certain amount, you got a free gift. It's the only explanation that makes any kind of sense. Or there is actually some one out there that didn't get their BPS order.

I also ordered some polishes from Llarowe. I felt that I needed to order something from them, for the awesome prize I got. 
Isn't that just to die for? I mean, I have Emily de Molly polishes!! I got some vinyls as well and I can't wait to try them out.
There is some lightning, chevron and starburst ones.

And lastly, at least I think it is the last I ordered with my prize money. I mean it took forever!! Stamping plates and decals.
And more stamping plates!!

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